2 Up & Collect: All You Need To Know About The Offer

The sheer volume of football offers available to bet on these days is astronomical. There are always new and inventive ways in which bookies are handing out offers. One of the best within the match result betting market is 2 Up & Collect. It is also known as 2 clear and win with Betfred. 

Below you’ll find all you need to know about 2 Up & Collect, including the best bookmakers offering it.

What Is 2 Up & Collect & How Does It Work?

2 Up & Collect is an increasingly popular offer delivered by many betting apps which essentially pays out early on games when a team goes up by two goals in a football fixture.

It’s an offer on the Match Result market and if you bet on a side and they go up by two goals, your bookmaker will pay out there and then, regardless of what the final score may end up.

That means you could essentially place a bet on a team, they go 2-0 up and end up losing or drawing, but you will still receive a payout!

For Example, let’s say you wanted to bet on a game between Manchester United and Leicester with Paddy Power. You decide to back Manchester United to win and Paddy Power is offering 2 Up & Collect. 

This is available on selected markets, some are shown below- full terms and conditions apply to this offer.

paddy power 2 up graphic

With this offer, there are a number of ways in which you can win the game. The following circumstances would see you receive a payout:

  • Manchester United win the game by any scoreline.
  • Manchester United go two goals up at any stage of the match and win.
  • Manchester United goes two goals up at any stage of the game and doesn’t win.

Your selection could take a two-goal lead at any stage in the game and you would receive a payout. They could be losing 1-0, then turn it around and go 3-1 up but still lose the game and you’d receive a payout. The moment your team either wins the game or goes two goals clear, you’ll trigger your winnings. With most UK betting apps the payout is instant, as soon as the 2nd goal is clear the bet is settled. 

Which Betting Apps Offer 2 Up & Collect?

2 Up & Collect is offered by only a couple of betting apps.

  • bet365 – “2 up and collect” Online*
  • Betfred – In-store only, called “2 clear and collect.”*
  • Paddy Power – “2 up you win” Online*

*Offers subject to change or withdrawal at any time, check the bookmaker for the latest offer details. Terms and conditions apply.

Paddy Power and bet365 are among the biggest bookies offering this on major football betting markets such as the Premier League and Champions League, as well as a number of other top European leagues. 

bet365 Offer Details

Is 2 Up & Collect Available In Other Sports?

You’ll find 2 Up & Collect mainly available in football betting, however, there are a number of other variations across a couple of other sports. Rugby and NFL markets often benefit from this offer with Paddy Power, while the brand also offers 2 Up & Win on major tennis events.

When a player goes two sets up, Paddy Power will pay out, regardless of how the game finishes. 

William Hill also offers a similar variation on horse racing betting, in which if a horse finishes a race as a winner by more than two lengths, you’ll receive a bonus on top of your winnings. For a more in-depth look at horse racing betting apps click here. This will tell you more about the highest-rated apps and other horse racing offers that are available. 

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