Apprentice betting guide

The apprentice betting guide

The Apprentice betting markets are offered by most major bookies and we’re looking at the best places to bet and a guide to the remaining candidates and their current odds. As each week goes by we’re getting a better feeling of who the top candidates and are who we can back. Unlike the X-Factor there’s no “next elimination” market just a straight winners market. (Scroll down for our tips and previews of each candidate)

Where to bet on the Apprentice

Our recommended bookie for betting on the Apprentice UK is Betfair sports – in our opinion they’re the market leader in TV betting. They have the market updated as soon as each weeks show has finished and decent odds on their site too. They also have a resident betting tipster for all tv shows, including Darren Gough for Strictly come dancing, that can be found on their blog If you’ve not got a Betfair account you can get 3 £10 free bets when you place one £10 single bet- this includes bets on the Apprentice.

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On your mobile? We have a full review of the Betfair android app, or visit the home page for the best betting apps.

The apprentice betting – The remaining candidates

There’s 10 candidate remaining heading in to this weeks show (Wednesday 18th November) and we’ve picked the favourites and covered our picks. (odds correct as Tuesday 17th November 10am)

Joseph Valente – Odds 1.72

Apprentice betting 2015 JosephJoseph has been the bookies favourite since the first week and thats not changed as the week have gone passed. He looks a worthy favourite so far who’s been strong on all the tasks and a natural leader. His strengths come from his desire to get involved and his excellent sales skills. In the last task his plumbing skills came in handy too, although that was a silly task to do if you have no DIY skills. Based on his performance so far I cannot see him getting fired anytime soon as even with a massive error on a task his work so far would see him through.

In the apprentice betting market he’s currently available to back at 1.72 (8/11) but thats not a good value bet in my opinion. Until we get to the interview stage where we see the business plans then its tough to back anyone at such low odds as their idea could potentially be crap! If this was the old style Apprentice where they get a job working for Lord Sugar then my money would be firmly on Joseph to win.

Vana Koutsomitis – Odds 2.37

Vana - Apprentice 2015I was surprised to see Vana as the second favourite as I though she struggled in the early tasks and had a disappointing time as project manager. As a New Yorker she’s not afraid to speak her mind and seem to have a steely determination to win but I’m unconvinced she’ll be the winner at the end. As far as the girls go she’s the best shot with only Charleine and Selina left in the running, who are both rank outsiders and will possibly get fired this week.

My Apprentice betting tip for Vana is – one to avoid!

Scott Saunders – Odds 11

Scott Saunders - Apprentice bettingScott is my tip for this years winner based on what I’ve seen so on the show far. He fits the mould of Apprentice winner excelling at sales and being ambitious, although on the last task this let him down when he attempted to re landscape an entire garden and rebuild walls all in a day. As part of team Connexus he’s been in the winning team a lot more times than he’s lost.

The only dark spot on a successful show so far was when as project manager for the pet task where his team lost due to the lack of enthusiasm when meeting the product sellers. Personally I thought he was a little over run by Brett who just wanted to get straight into the numbers with everyone they met. In the boardroom he was left with Selina and Ruth who bickered throughout until Ruth got fired and Selina surprisingly didn’t.

In his passioned plea to stay in the process he was talking up his business plan – although he got shot down by Lord Sugar. This makes me confident that he’s worth backing at 10/1 as these odds will shorten the further he gets in the process.

David Stevenson – Odds 26

Apprentice betting guideThis is my outside pick in the Apprentice betting market and I just have a feeling David could have the business plan to win the show. If you think back a few years no one really saw Tom Pellereau winning the show but his curved nail file brought it home. David doesn’t seem to be quite as confident as some of the other candidates but the show isn’t about who speaks the loudest. David could be the dark horse of the competition and at 25/1 is well worth a punt.

Other candidates betting odds

Brett Butler-Smythe 17 – Ex navy man Brett drones on constantly about his “professionalism” like its the get out clause of everything. I think he’s got a couple of more weeks left and then he’ll go.

Richard Woods 17 – Possibly one of the most annoying candidates on the Apprentice for me. He has improved in the last task but is on a one man mission to win the show without the need for a team.

Sam Curry 29 – Literary man Sam failed on the task that he should have shone in but still survived and struggles on the sales task. Will go in the next couple of weeks FIRED NEXT ROUND

Gary Poulton 81 – Comes over as the nice guy on the show, I just think he’ll struggle in the board room with some of the more outspoken candidates if he’s in the last 3.

Charleine Wain 51 & Selina Waterman-Smith 81 – Its been well documented that these two have had a big falling out in this years show and apparently they won’t be on the same team again at any point. Selina’s been very critical of the show on social media and there’s no way at all that Lord Sugar will be investing in her.

Charleine hasn’t handled herself well either in a number of tasks with a lot of cattiness with this years girls. Tomorrow night which ever of the girls in on the losing team will most likely get fired – Lord sugar even said that Charleine had “got off the hook” in last weeks show.

Apprentice betting guide – Tips and conclusion

As you can probably tell I’m a big fan of the apprentice and I’ve been watching it for years now, I like to think I’ve got an eye for the winner and I did pick Tom out personally in the year he won it. Its not too difficult to see who’s going to make it a fair distance this year but picking the actual winner is always tough as you have to bet before you see the final show.

Sometimes they can say something to turn it all around at the last minute but in recent years we’ve seen favourites beaten at the post. The most shocking was the case of Helen Milligan who with 10 wins in 11 shows was, and still is, the apprentices most successful candidate ever. Unfortunately her business plan for an online personal assistant fell flat on its face laving Tom to take the win. (From Wikipedia – Series 7 review)

There was also series 9 where Neil Clough looked like the banker to win but again his reluctance to change his business plan saw him fired with one week to go. Lord Sugar even said he would have won the show if it was for a job in the old format but unfortunately he just wouldn’t change his business plan.

My tips for this years apprentice are Scott Saunders at 10/1 and an outside bet on David Stevenson at 25/1.