Arbitrage Betting Explained: Finding You The Edge

Winning, like any sport, is the main motivation of betting. We play to win but that isn’t always easier said than done. 

However, there are strategies to guarantee you a win, and the arbitrage betting system is one of them. 

It’s a popular system with more experienced punters, but isn’t difficult to use and can be taken advantage with a whole heap of betting apps.

If you’re looking for a winner every bet you place, check out our guide to arbitrage betting below…

How Does Arbitrage Betting Work?

Arbitrage betting may sound complex, but it’s simple as all you’re doing is covering all outcomes of a particular market.

It ideally suits a market in which there are only two possible outcomes, such as a win or loss in the likes of tennis, NFL or basketball.

When making odds bookmakers will always give themselves an edge in order to make a profit, ultimately that’s how businesses work. That means that when offering odds, the total odds will never be 100% but rather settle at around 103% in order to guarantee profit.

Using the Arbitrage betting system guarantees the punter profit by using multiple betting apps and the differing odds offered by them. 

For example, if you were to bet on a basketball game between The Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics with BetVictor, you might find odds like this…

  • Boston Celtics: 1.3
  • Chicago Bulls: 3.93

This particular market gives BetVictor an edge of 102.4%.

However, Betway, for example, may be offering different odds. Let’s say they were offering odds of the following…

  • Boston Celtics: 1.42
  • Chicago Bulls: 2.9

In this particular instance, Betway would have an edge of 104.9%. By using the Arbitrage system though you can find the edge yourself and guarantee profit.

To do this you would place a bet on the Celtics with Betway and a bet on the Bulls with BetVictor. When using the system, one of the hardest things to do is calculate the stake in which you need to place to earn profit.

This example would require you to place a £100 bet on the Celtics with Betway, giving you a return of £142. In order to guarantee profit, a bet of £36.13 would then need to be bet on the Bulls with BetVictor, to give you a return of £141.99.

In total you would have staked £136.13, and the minimum return you’d receive would be £141.99, thus guaranteeing you a profit of £5.85.

Sports To Play The Arbitrage System

You can use this system on almost any sport or market where there are two outcomes available to bet on. The difficult part of the system is finding the value across multiple bookmakers.

The likes of football, baseball, basketball, tennis, cricket and more can all be played. The possibilities are endless. 

Can You Make Serious Money From The Arbitrage System?

The Arbitrage betting system is far from a get rich quick scheme and as you can see from the example above, isn’t going to provide you with tons of profit on one bet.

Where you can start to earn money from this system is by placing bets regularly and over a significant period of time. It’s generally believed you can make around 10-15% profit per month, so if you’re betting £100 each month, then it’s probably not going to make you the kind of profit you’re looking for. However, higher rollers can earn a substantial amount over a year-long period.

Where To Use The Arbitrage System

Ultimately, you could use this strategy with absolutely any bookmaker. You simply have to seek out the value. 

That could mean playing with Paddy Power, Coral, William Hill or anyone. Scour the odds and find the sports, markets and odds which can secure you profit.

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