Best lottery apps

In the world of betting apps, we’re always looking for something different and the bookies are now adding lottery apps to their array of apps. This means you can play all the lotteries from around the world from just one account and still win set prizes for picking the right balls! You can even play up to 5 weeks ahead so you’ll never miss a week, with guaranteed odds and betting on as many different balls as you like now is the time to get the best lottery betting apps!

Best Lottery apps 2019

Best lottery apps - Paddy Power iPhoneNumber 1 – Paddy Power

In their vast collection of apps Paddy Power have a dedicated Lotteries app thats free to download on iTunes for iPhone and iPad. This app lets you bet on various different lotteries around the world and on differing amounts of numbers. The odds are at fixed rates and you can pick from 1 to 6 numbers with the odds increasing as you increase the picks. If you pick 6 numbers on the daily 49s then you’ll win a cool 1 million pounds from a £1 stake.

Get the app – Search the app store for “Paddy Power lotteries” on iPhone and iPad. On android visit our Paddy Power android app review here and follow the steps to install – for sports.

*There is no bonus associated with the lottery product.

Number 2 – Betfred Lotto

Betfred lotto app logoBetfred is the only other company with a stand-alone lottery app. All the major bookies have lottery built into their betting apps, but only Betfred and Paddy have an app just for the lottery. This is why we’ve ranked them as the two best lottery apps, the dedicated apps are nice and clean and there no constant casino adverts or trying to find where the lottery section is.

This is the reason we love these two apps – they both delivery exactly what we want! Paddy Power has slightly more markets than Betfred but really they’re both very similar. If you’re new to the Betfred app you can also get a £30 free sports bet when you bet £10 – unfortunately, there’s no bonus on any lottery apps.

Click here for £30 free with Betfred

To get the app search “Betfred lotto” on iTunes

How does lottery betting work?

When you “play” the lottery through these apps your actually placing a bet on which balls will come out rather than buying a ticket for a share of the prize. This means the odds are all set and you can pick and choose between the number of numbers that you select. It also means that you don’t have to share any winnings with other winners which is always a bonus.

If you play the lottery you’re effectively adding your money into a prize pot for a chance to share everyone’s entries,  minus the fees from the lottery company. The lower prices are at a set prize and the others change depending on how many people have entered. There’s also the chance for rollovers and some massive prizes up to £118,000,000 on the Euro millions, although the chances of winning are very slim.

Playing through the best lottery apps is placing a bet with a bookmaker on the numbers, there’s no pool to win from and no rollovers. You can still, however, win big with the 49s offering a £1,000,000 prize from a £1 stake if you select all 6 numbers.