Bet365 Cash Out Slider

Bet365The all new bet365 cash out slider gives bet365 customers the chance to cash in part of their bets and let the rest run. This is a brilliant option to let you pocket some of the profit and let the rest run for a bit more cash. This is similar to the cash out slider on singles that Betfair offer but better as it appears to be available on all bets from our testing.

Personally we’re big fans of this as its always handy sometimes to get your stake back once a few of your picks are running. Its so often on twitter (we’re @bettingapps – give us a follow) that you see people who cash out bets too early and miss the chance of a big payout. With this at least if you get nervous you don’t have to cash out the entire bet all at once.

Bet365 Cash Out Rules

The bet365 cash out slider is a simple enough tool to use, the further you slide it along the more of your bet you cash in. Once you’ve cashed out once you can cash out further as the scores or your confidence changes! This means you are in total control of the entire cash out process and can play around with how much you want to bank!

How to use the Bet365 cash out slider

When the cash out slider is available you can see it under your bets in the my bets selection of the app. This is available in the bet365 android and i0s apps as well as the mobile and desktop sites – it doesn’t matter where your betting from you can still use this key feature.

bet365 cash out slider

As you can see above you tap the image next to the cash out in order to get the slider to open. Once you’ve opened it you can play around and slide it along and select how much you cash out. You can then re cash out more if you want to later!