Bet365 i0s app review

The new Bet365 iPhone app is in our opinion one of the best i0s betting apps in the app store.

Our review of bet365 on iPhone and iPad.

We really like the app and the range of bets you can place. As football fans ourselves we were overawed by the amount of choice on the app.

As a regular user of the app you’ll soon get used to any regular promotions that maybe on offer. It’s always worth having a look around any betting app that you are on to find if there are any offers worth taking advantage of before you bet.

We think it is fair to say that the developers at bet365 must have thought long and hard before creating this app. Every aspect has been considered from user-experience to visual effects and graphics. All this and more helped to create what can only be thought of, by us, as one of the best iPhone betting apps on the market today.

Known worldwide as a bookmaker, bet365 has plenty of people that it needs to impress, and now this extends to those who are app users.

The bet365 iPhone app is designed to keep users up-to-date with all the action, while giving them a hub in which they can place bets and access an extensive range of pre-match markets. After giving it a go for ourselves we can happily share that it has achieved above and beyond our expectations.

So far, this app has provided an unrivalled user experience just like the one suggested in the official description on iTunes. The betting experience is well ranged and works seamlessly even on 3G, but of course is sometimes much more fluid on 4G and WIFI.

We found the bet in-play section is one of the most extensive we’ve used and provides an awesome service that is fast and actually efficient.

The interface is corporate looking with a modernised twist, making is easy to digest information and spend plenty of time on. The writing is white and the background is a dark grey, meaning everything stands out and is readable enough not to make your eyes ache or strain when you’re reading up on all important data. Each section is clearly labeled and formatted to enhance user functionality and uses refined graphics to add a more interactive element to the on-the-go experience.

Overall there’s a lot to love about this app.