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Today, November 19th, Bet Blocker was awarded charity status which is another step forward for responsible gambling. This allows them to take donations and seek additional funding from the gambling industry to help develop the product further.

This also means they do not have to be funded as a company allowing consumers to make donations for their help or for the cause. If you purchase anything from Amazon you will be able to add Bet Blocker as your charity in the Amazon smile section and make a small donation every time you make a purchase.

What is Bet Blocker?

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Self Exclusion

Bet Blocker is an innovative software that allows you to block gambling sites from your phone or computer. What is very impressive about this system is that it will work on multiple devices (You need to install on each one) and it blocks over 6,700 gambling sites. This includes sports betting, casino, bingo, and poker.

It blocks all known site and includes any offshore or unlicensed sites too so there should be no way of getting around it.

To create a block you need to set a time limit for the block. Once set there is no going back.

Parental Block

This is an excellent feature of the software. You can set up a password-based system to turn bet blocker on and off. This means that if you share your devices with children you can block them accidentally accessing gambling sites or opening your gambling apps in error.

About Bet Blocker

As a now a charity Bet Blocker is focused on helping problem gamblers avoid betting websites. They are not set up to make money or show adverts. Bet Blocker does not take any of your personal information, they also do not show adverts on their service. The software is about providing help with responsible gambling and helping problem punters. We think this is an excellent service that they offer.

You can set up a block for anything from 24 hours as a cool off to a lifetime block. Once you have set the time there is no going back and no overriding the software. Bet Blocker has no facility to change your block and deleting the software or app will make no difference to the block.

Duncan Garvie of Bet Blocker said of the news –

“There are many organisations, both charitable and businesses, within the gambling industry that sees providing assistance to those experiencing gambling addiction as a priority and we have no doubt that cooperation with other groups will help ensure that BetBlocker continues to grow and develop in a manner that ensures that it offers the most useful service possible,”

“We will accept donations from players where they choose to give, but the best action players can take to help the BetBlocker project is to contribute to us via the Amazon Smile program.

“This program allows Amazon users to trigger a small additional donation to BetBlocker at no extra cost to themselves every time they purchase something through the online retailer.

“With enough people making small contributions in this manner we can ensure that BetBlocker remains available for anyone who feels they need support to control their gambling.”

You can download the Bet Blocker app on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon app store. For Mac or PC to access the service please visit

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