Betdash app – Social betting from Paddy Power

***Please note Bedash is now built into Paddy Power directly and is no longer a stand alone app**

The Betdash app is available for all mobiles including iPhone, iPad and Android. Betdash is the new social betting platform from Paddy Power where you win money by pacing bets and hitting an amount in a set number of days. You start with a virtual £100,000 you have to place bets over 10 days to get to £1 million! With the Betdash app you can get the same boosters as the desktop site to help to increase your bank with extra winnings or free bets.

How to get the Betdash app

The Betdash app is not available on the google play store or in the apple app store so you have to install the mobile app. Click the link below from your mobile to get to the home page. Register via the link below and you can start with £200,000 instead of £100,000 when you play a game of £5 or more.

Click here to start with double money (£200,000)

iPhone install From the link above you will land on the home page, click the arrow on the bottom of the screen to install the Betdash as pushed to do.

Android install The link above will take you to the Betdash home screen, then select the menu button on your phone or tab and then “add shortcut to home screen”. You will now have the betdash app installed and ready to place your bets.

Betdash mobile screen shots

betdash app

Betdash app review

We are big fans of betdash as it adds a very fun side to betting, including the options to challenge other peoples bets and even laugh at some bets! The app has all the markets and prices offered by Paddy Power so the betting side of the game is very realistic. You can place your bets easily on the betdash app and they have recently added an in play option so you can bet on live sports too. The challenge of getting from £100,000 to £1,000,000 is harder than it sounds with maximum bets between £10,000 and £20,000 you will need to win a large number of bets to do it. The app has a range of extras to help you along the way including win bonuses and free bets. If you win a few bets in a row you will also get extras such as more time and more win bonuses. The thing we like most about playing the game on the betdash app is the low risk approach to it, you can spend as little as £2 and place bets for over a week (unless you blow it all quicker!). This means you can bet as much as you like without spending more than you’re comfortable with. Through the betdash app you can see the leader boards to check if you’re in the top 25 and you can also add your mates and see how you do against them. Overall we really like the Betdash app and will be playing it a lot more in the future too.