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*** No longer available*** This is a very interesting side app from Betfair that keeps you up to date with the Election and the % chances of who will get in. The Betfair predicts app is free on i0s and is available on line via the dedicated site The % stats of winning are based on the exchange market odds which can be access via the betfair exchange site. There’s the standard most seats and overall majority betting as well as betting on if some leading politicians will win their seats.

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Betfair predicts app review

The app has data from the exchange markets and the “polls of polls” data so you can see how the betting differs from the opinion polls. The exchange has a track record of better predicting outcomes based on the weight of the markets. These include the Scottish referendum which they paid out early on a yes vote and in the last election the exchange predicted a hung parliament 21 days before the election.

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This is an interesting app for following these markets and the Betfair predicts app is a unique offering that no other bookies have. They’ve also added a news feed that pulls from various sources including the beting.betfair articles, BBC news and Sky news. This makes it the go to app for keeping up to date with whats going on up and down the country.

If you go to the seat view you can play around and look at how the country looks in terms of who they are voting for. You can switch between the exchange betting view, polls of polls view and the current seats view. At the bottom it also shows you the % of seats each party is expected to win. When we were checking the app out there was a difference between the polls view and the Betfair view so it will be interesting to see who gets it right.

You can also get involved in the daily polls and yes/ no votes and look at the results. This gives you an interesting insight it to what other app users are thinking and you can compare the opinions against your own.

If you are betting on the general election outcome or even if you just have an interest in the election this is a great free app to get.