Betting On Brexit

Let’s face it, if the politicians don’t even know what’s going to happen with Brexit then betting on the outcome of it is going to make for an interesting market.

There’s already been many twists and turns in Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. Theresa May has left her post as Prime Minister to be replaced by Boris Johnson and a deal is far from complete.

And while that is a devastating blow for the country and damaging the UK economy, there are opportunities to make money too. 

Betting On Brexit

That’s because many betting apps are allowing you to place bets on the outcome of Brexit.

The shape of negotiations, and indeed the nation, is forever changing and with it odds are fluctuating, often bringing some good value markets with it.

The likes of Paddy Power and other major betting sites always have Politics markets available and with negotiations planned all the way through to October 31, 2019.

Betting on Brexit and related politics markets is simple and can be done in exactly the same way as you would bet on the likes of football and horse racing. You simply place a wager on a particular outcome and if it happens, you’ll receive a payout. 

Of course, with Brexit always having an element of uncertainty the time scale on winning your wager could vary considerably.

Brexit Betting Markets

You’ll usually find Brexit betting markets in either the Politics, Novelty or Specials section of a betting website. Dependent on the bookmaker, the number of markets will vary.

As mentioned, Paddy Power are usually the best bookie for this type of betting and you’ll find a large number of markets, including:

UK To Leave EU In 2019?

This is one of the more simple Brexit wagers and involves basing on either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer. 

No Deal Brexit In 2019

Another ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ market in which you bet on whether Britain will leave with or without a deal this year. In the case of ‘No’ it could mean Article 50 is revoked, a deal has been struck, or the date for leaving has been extended beyond 2019.

Another No Confidence Vote In 2019

Of course, during the negotiations there have been many knock on effects. We’ve already seen a new Prime Minister and this market is a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ market on whether there will be another vote of no confidence in the government this year.

A Second Referendum To Take Place In 2019

This market is a wager on whether you think there will be a second EU referendum to take place in 2019.

Article 50 To Be Revoked By End Of 2020

Will Brexit get cancelled? You can bet on it with Paddy Power if you believe it will, or won’t, be revoked by the end of 2020.

Food Rationing

There are a number of markets related to food rationing due to Brexit. You can bet on the first items to be rationed by the government as well as it will be introduced in 2019. 

If you’re looking to bet on Brexit, check out the latest betting apps and place your bets today!