BetVictor Golden Goal

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What is the BetVictor Golden Goal? The Golden Goal is BetVictor’s new weekly free to play football prediction game. This weekly competition is just one of the many perks of being a BetVictor customer. As you continue to read you’ll learn all about how you can take part and also what the rules of the game are. So let’s get started.

BetVictor Golden Goal Guide

Before we tell you more about the Golden Goal competition, it’s important to point out, that to take part, you must be a BetVictor customer. So don’t worry if you do not have an account with them, you can set-up your free account by clicking the link below.

Register with BetVictor here

How To Play Golden Goal

As previously mentioned, the BetVictor Golden Goal game is completely free to play and will take place on a weekly basis. The rules are relatively simple to understand too, which is good. Another reason this competition is going to be popular with BetVictor customers too, is that you get the chance to win up to £25,000 for Free. How good is that?

BetVictor Golden Goal

Rules Of The Game

So let’s get down to how you can take part and what the rules of the game are. The rules of the game are as follows;

How To Play Golden GoalSelecting your goalscorer – Firstly you are going to need to select the player you think will score the first all important goal. Selecting the player is done using the scrollable menu, which can be found simply by hitting the downward arrow highlighted on the image to the right.

Time of the first goal – Next you will need to choose what time the goal is going to be scored, you can select the time using the scrollable menu provided. If you struggle to locate the menus, you can use the image to the right to guide you.

Normally this BetVictor Golden Goal feature game is the late afternoon game which takes place on the Sunday. To find out what the feature game is, you can go to the website if you’re using a PC or Laptop and select the Golden Goal tab. Alternatively, if you’re using you mobile, which would be our preferred option, simply open up the BetVictor app and select the option labelled Golden Goal.

Earning Extra Predictions

You can earn yourself additional predictions throughout the course of the week too if you wish. Obviously you get one free go at guessing the first goalscorer and the time of the goal is scored. However, if you want more than one crack at the £25,000 jackpot, you can earn extra chances by placing bets on sports and casino games too.

When you place a £25 bet on any other market you’ll earn yourself an extra go at the jackpot. The maximum chances you get to win the jackpot is three, that’s your Free prediction, then if you bet 2X £25 throughout the course of the week. You can register via the link directly below, if you haven’t already done so.

Register with BetVictor here

Winning the jackpot £25,000 – To win the £25,000 you must predict the first goalscorer and the exact frame that the goal is scored. So if you guess the correct goalscorer, but you get the time frame wrong, you do not win the jackpot. If there are multiple winners, the jackpot is split between the winners. So if there’re 25 winners, each winner will receive £1,000.

Food for thought – If you don’t think it’s possible to predict the goalscorer and time of the goal. Take a look at this guy who became an overnight millionaire thanks to Eder’s goal in the Euro 2016 final. Punter becomes an overnight millionaire.

Our Conclusion

Hopefully you have a clear understanding about what the BetVictor Golden Goal is and how you can take part! Feel free to follow us on social media, you can find us on Twitter @Bettingapps. Good luck with your predictions.