Betvictor iPhone app

Betvictor iPhone app

Betvictor iPhone app

After a slow start compared to their competitors Betvictor have really come to the forefront with the updated version of the Betvictor iPhone app. The app now has a slick black design and a cool app logo, with in play betting directly from the home screen its a top app.

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Betvictor iPhone app review

Football betting – There’s currently four (yes four) Betvictor apps to choose from on iPhone, we’ll mainly be covering the sports app in our review. The iPhone version of the app has some good features not available on the mobile site. These include adding favourites that are saved in the Betvictor iPhone app whether you’re logged in when you add them or not. The speed this allows you to find the football leagues, race courses or other sports you like is very impressive especially if you bet on some more random sports.

You can access your favourites in two ways, firstly in the menu on the left hand side menu under the account services. Secondly they can be found on the individual sports menu – for example if you go to the football menu you’ll find the leagues you’ve selected at the top. You can add or remove favourites by tapping on the star. Under you’re favourites in the football menu you’ll find the daily “bet boosts”, these are some enhanced offers for you to mull over and are usually an anytime goalscorer and win boost. You will get some decent prices on these so its well worth checking out!

Other sports – As usual with these apps theres a wealth of sports to choose, from the popular (football, horse racing, tennis) to the (quite rankly ridiculous) virtual cycling betting! Betvictor app sports listThe Betvictor iPhone app is one of the best to bet on for the events that they sponsor – The World match play darts and the Welsh open snooker. With their sponsorship you’ll find more best prices and more enhanced offers. For the darts fans there’s also a Betvictor darts app – click here for a full review and we’d expect a snooker app at some point soon in line with that sponsorship.

Another plus point of Betvictor on iPhone is the security of the app, there’s the addition of a 4 digit pin code to access the app. You have to set this when you first login and you’ll have to add it every-time you come out of the app and reopen it. This can feel a little annoying if your jumping between apps but it stops the chance of betting in your pocket or your kids/ mates placing bets without you knowing! Ready to get betting with Victor? Sign up below to get your free bet then get Betvictor on iPhone free from the app store – The app will need to be able to check your location before you start using it and there’s an option for push notifications – You’ll get around one a day on average.

Other apps – As well as the Betvictor iPhone app you have 3 other apps that you can download for free and use. These are the darts app as mentioned above, the instabet app and the spin cast app. Betvictor instabet appThe app lets you pick from the upcoming matches and spin for a selection on 3 markets – Home, draw or away, over and unders goals markets and an anytime scorer and then calculates the odds. The default setting is for a £1 stake but you can increase this using the + & – buttons by the stake, for some reason you can go up to £99,999 – not that you would!

The other app worth downloading is the “instabet app” this gives you one or two special offers a day to bet on, usually with a maximum stake of £10 or £20. These are short term price boost that usually last around 15 minutes. With this in mind make sure you have push notifications turned on for this app so you don’t miss out. These offers are always well above the industry average price and can be doubles or singles.

In summary – The Betvictor iPhone app is one of the better betting apps for iPhone although it does not feature in our top 5 iPhone betting apps page. The design is great and the additional apps are a great add on but currently the load speed of markets lags a little on iPhone compared to just using the Betvictor mobile site on android for example. Its still worth having the Betvictor app for iPhone especially alongside the instabet app for the amazing price offers you’ll get and if the speed improves it will be up there with the best sports betting apps.