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From Floyd Mayweather’s latest multi-million dollar mega-fight to the biggest amateur bouts from the Olympics, the Boxing News app is a fantastic one-stop shop for fans of fights.

There is so much in the world of boxing that there is never going to be enough space and column inches to cover it all, but this app comes pretty close by collating coverage from across the web. You can find on iTunes for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, or head to the Google Play store if you have an Android phone or tablet.

We spent many a lot of fun hours playing with this app and it’s definitely worth it. Here’s our rundown of this Boxing News app.

Boxing news app logoBoxing News app review

This app is all about bringing you as much information and news about the sport as possible. It collates boxing news from various news sources all in one place.

There are all the main boxing news sources, papers, magazines and so on, plus the very best boxing YouTube channels so you can watch the latest coverage, highlights and more. This app is very much designed as a one-stop shop so you don’t need to go anywhere else for coverage.

You may find you’ll want to venture outside the app if you fancy a punt, but apart from that, it’s got most bases covered. The app is great to use for stats if you are having a bet on the latest fights. Find all the previews you need and latest performances rated to pick your bets. There are expert opinions on the app to help you as well. This is the perfect companion if you are betting on Android and want to get the key information before placing a bet. None of the current betting apps offers any form or background in their boxing sections.

We like the fact you can customise the news feed – choose the topics and fighters you’re most interested in and block the ones you don’t want to know about. This definitely helps keep the content more manageable than if you just left every single news item on your homepage.

On the iPhone and iPad version, there have been a lot of new features and changes lately. These include the Built-in Read-it-later function, which makes it easy to save an article for later reading for free – just like adding to the reading list on the Safari browser but within the app.

It’s also possible to comment and read other comments on the iPad. There is also a feature that means you can block unwanted sources. Just filter out any source you don’t want in featured in the app and forget about it. Unusual and a good addition, only for iPhone or iPad for now.

There is also a collapsed mode, which lets you skim through the news quickly to choose what you fancy reading, at the expense of the images. We liked both versions a lot, and it just depends on which device you have.

Boxing News app features

Latest fight news and previews

The heart of this app is its key feature – a boxing news summary covering stories from all the sources on the internet. The makes pride themselves on a clean feed with no duplications.

You can enable push notifications for the biggest news stories, such as if you know a particular boxer is in the news or about to speak at a press conference.

There is an endless supply of videos curated from YouTube channels, so you can scroll through to see the latest news features, documentaries, highlights packages and just about anything else you can think of.

Customised news feed lets you choose your topics or block the areas you don’t want to see.

Block source – long tap on the article to block the source.

Built in reading later – save articles free and inside the app.

Collapsed mode – a reading mode that will let you skim through the news.

Verdict: It’s a great boxing news app with a lot of interesting features. You’d be hard pressed to find more content about boxing in one place.