Cash out plus

cash out plus slider image

Launched ready for the World Cup, Betfair cash out plus (+) lets you select the amount that you can cash out. This is a fantastic addition to the Betfair Exchange and is currently limited to the desktop site but we’re expecting to see it on the exchange app for the 14/15 football season. We think this is a great innovation from Betfair as it makes it quick and easy to reduce you’re liability on a bet and keep the majority of the profit on your current selection. Whilst we appreciate that experienced traders can do this manually it makes it very easy and means its a simple option open to everyone.

How cash out plus works

To use cash out plus you’ll need to have a Betfair account, if you don’t already have one then register through the link below and get yourself a £50 risk free bet to get you started!

Click here for a risk free £50 bet from Betfair

Once you’ve got an account and you’ve backed a bet on the exchange you can then use the cash out slider where available (currently only for the World Cup 2014 matches). Once the odds move you can slide the bar along, its automatically set to “max” which is the same as the standard cash out currently giving you an equal profit regardless of the result. You can slide it along to see the differing amounts based on that cash out. You can now set it to how you want to cash it out. You can set it so that you take your liability out regardless of the result ie you have a profit on the outcome you’ve picked and £0 if it doesn’t come in. Your stake will be immediately returned to your balance so you can bet with it again on the same market or bet with it else where. This is something we’ve been doing manually for a long time, especially on the goals markets where if we get within one goal we can take the stake on and let it run knowing we won’t lose if the next goal doesn’t come but ensureing a decent profit if it does.

Heres a promo video from Betfair showing how it works on the Liverpool V Man City match towards the end of the 13/14 season.

As you can see its really simple to use and you can just have a play around to find where you want to cash out. We’re really impressed with cash out plus and are looking forward to it getting a full roll out across all games and mobile.