Crystal Palace Away Stats

After beating Manchester United at the start of the 2019-2020 season Crystal Place held an impressive away record in the Premier League. They were the last team to win at the following stadiums

  • Old Trafford 1-2 23/8/19
  • The Etihad Stadium 2-3 22/12/18
  • The Emirates Stadium 2-3 28/12/17
  • Anfield 1-2 23/4/17

This is quite an astonishing record, although it has been over a long period of time. Roy Hodgson has formed Crystal Palace into a team that is set up well for a smash and grab against bigger teams away from home.

Full stats of Palace’s run

The stats are compiled together from all the games as follows

crystal palace away record v the top 4 infographic and full stats

Shots on Goal

In the 4 games Palace has faced 78 shots on goal, but only 16 of those were on target. Across the games, they conceded just 5 goals from those shots.

Shots stats, Home v Palace

v MUFC 22 v 7

v Arsenal 17 v 16

v MCFC 24 v 8

v LFC 15 v 4

These stats are in line with expectations, but the shots on target are where it gets interesting from a betting perspective.

Shots on target, Home v Palace

v MUFC 5 v 2

v Arsenal 5 v 7

v MCFC 5 v 3

v LFC 1 v 3

Whilst Palace is having fewer shots they are being more clinical with them. For betting, if you are doing a #PriceitUp on the Betvictor app, for example, then it’s worth looking at the shots on target stats for the team.


Across the 4 games, their opponents had a total of 2,749 passes compared to Palace who had 1,262 over the games. These are to be expected from the way Palace set up to play.

Completed passes stats

v MUFC 509 v 351

v Arsenal 881 v 464

v MCFC 733 v 213

v LFC 626 v 234


Palace has not won the corner match bet in any of these 4 games. The corner result across the 4 is 35 corners faced v 9 corners won.

Corner results

v MUFC 10 v 3

v Arsenal 8 v 3

v MCFC 13 v 0

v LFC 4 v 3

If you’re backing Palace to win their next big game against the top 6 opposition then it could be worth looking at a same game multi and going for Palace win and under Palace 3.5 corners and over 7.5 opposition corners from these stats. For us, the Liverpool game was too long ago to take into consideration as Liverpool didn’t have Salah or Mane in the team and still had – Mingolet, Can, Lucas, and Coutinho playing for them.

Time on the Ball

During the 4 games, Palace had an average possession of 26.2%. Allowing for the ball being out of play they had a total of 68 minutes of possession across the 4 games.

Possession stats for each game

v MUFC 28.7%

v Arsenal 27.7%

v MCFC 27.4%

v LFC 21.3%

These are as you would expect with Palace being the underdog and playing teams on the counter.

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