Draft Kings App

The Draft Kings app allows players to play various fantasy sports for real money and compete against others to win some major cash prizes! Around the world, they’ve paid out over $2 billion to players.

It’s possible to win money on both team and individual player performances. There’s a choice of head to head games, private leagues to play with your mates and even beginners games for when you are just getting started with the app.

Draft Kings App Review

DraftKings App ScreenshotFunctionality – Once you have powered up the DraftKings app on your mobile, you will be met with the home screen. This is a simple black and white interface, with quick links to a variety of content within the app.

By pushing the ‘Lobby’ icon in the bottom left corner of the app, you will be taken to a list of all the sports currently in season and with contests available to play.

If you would like to know the rules for a specific contest and how other people are doing in the contest, press and hold down on that contest and this information will appear on the screen. It’s a quick and easy way to see how your competitors are getting on.

How to play fantasy football on Draft Kings

Once you have chosen the contest you want to enter, the next screen will allow you to choose your line-up and select the players you want in your team. This is usually done by position, so you just have to click on each position and then choose your player.

Your remaining salary is updated at the bottom of the screen as you go along, making it easy to keep up with just how much you are spending.

Types of games on the app

You can pick from 6 different game types currently

The classic game is how Draft Kings started off – Standard fantasy football. Pick your team using a set budget and enter a pool to win. The person with the most points is declared the winner and will pick up the biggest share of the prize pool. Check out the points system of each sport before you pick your team to make sure you get the right players.

Pick em

Pick Em is a newer game and is very similar to the classic game – there’s just no limit on how much you can spend! This sounds like it should be easier than the classic game but from playing it I don’t think it is. You can’t help the temptation of putting in all the big name players rather than having a balanced team. You’ll also find lots of other players with very similar teams.

H2H games with the Draft Kings app

Got a mate who’s got the app? Challenge them to a head to head match up on any of the sports covered on the app! If not, get your mates to download it and take them on to see who’s the best at fantasy football!

Play against your mates in leagues

Want to get more mates involved than just a head to head? Then set up a private league, check the rules and battle it out to be the top of the leaderboard.

Multi player games

Multiplayer games can be private or public and need 3 or more players. Rather than entering the main pool via the classic game, in multiplayer, you can play in smaller groups which in theory increases your chances of winning, although the prize pool will be smaller.

Casual games

Casual games are perfect for the beginner, they put you against players with a similar skill level or experience. You can take on other new players and get used to the app. It’s a good way to learn and check out the winning teams to see if you can get any skills you can use from it.


Whilst this is a fantasy sports app and seems fun and easy to play make sure you remember it is still gambling and you still lose money when your selected team doesn’t win. As far as apps go this didn’t make our list of best football betting apps, but it is a decent app as an alternative to the standard betting apps you’ll find.

Sports covered

It is true that football is the main sport played on this app in the UK but there are other sports with pools that you can play on including

  1. Football
  2. Golf
  3. MLB – Major League Baseball
  4. MMA – Mixed Martial Arts
  5. NFL – National Football League (USA)
  6. NAS – Nascar (USA)
  7. E-Sports
  8. NHL – National Hockey League (USA)
  9. NBA – Basketball (USA)

Want to get the app?

Click here to download on iTunes


Click here to download from Draft Kings on Android

Final Thoughts On The DraftKings App

The Draft Kings app is the quickest and easiest way to play DraftKings on your mobile device.

The interface makes it a better bet than the mobile website and therefore, if you plan on playing DraftKings regularly, it’s worth installing. If you have never played DraftKings before, it may take a little getting used to but in terms of playing fantasy sports, there is nothing to dislike about the app.