Dream team app

Sun Dream Team AppThe Sun Dream team app has just undergone a complete overhaul, which has completely changed the look of the app. The update was made to the existing app with the beginning of the 2016/17 season in mind. There are many new features that have been added to the app & the prize money has also been changed too. Anyone who gets involved  with the Sun Dream Team this year has the chance of winning their share of a £1,000,000 in prize money. Thats right one million pound!

The Dream team app is available for download on all major mobile devices including, Android and iOS. Anyone who wishes to download the app can do so by selecting the link relevant to their device below. When you are directed to the app, all you need to do to download it, is follow the instructions given and you’ll not have any trouble downloading it.

Click here for the iPhone app or Click here for the Android app.

Sun Dream Team App Review

The app itself is very simple to navigate around, which in term makes it user friendly. It’s clear to see that the changes that have been made to the Sun Dream team app have certainly improved the look and feel of the app overall. However, it has to be said that a lot of what made the Sun dream team great to play previously, has now been tainted with a lot of emphasis been placed on the paid games on the app.

Below you can see images of the improved interface of the app.

Sun Dream Team Mobile Screenshots

Dream Team App Features

If you decide to try your luck at management and download the Sun dream team app, here are some of the main features the app provides you with.

The Match centre – This tab provides you with all the information you need to know about the games that are being played on match days. Information includes; scores & stats on all the players involved in any particular game on the day.

Up-to-date Stats – Here you will find all of the stats for all of the players available in the Sun dream team. So if you want to know anything about any player, from total points, games played or a certain players average points per game you can find it there.

Breaking news – The app has an in built news feed, so if there is any news about the goings on at at a particular club or player, you can find out all the details there. With the World Cup fast approaching and qualifiers being played, you can stay up-to-date with all the gossip there too.

Team hub – The team hub is where you’ll find all the information about your team. You can find out all sorts of information there including; your seasons points tally, how much money you have to spend on players and also where you make any transfers.

League hub – The league hub has the information on what leagues you are involved in. It also provides you with the ability to join paid leagues, where you pay to join and compete for varied prize pots.

Our Conclusion

As always with the Sun Dream team app you get the option for viewing your position in any leagues you’ve joined. This means you can keep up to date with how you are doing and rib your mates who are bottom of the league, we’ve all got that one mate who’s crap at fantasy football!

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