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Dribble fantasy football has been developed by SkyBet and Dribble Media Ltd. This Fantasy football app has been put together so that football fans and punters can have a little bit of fun playing fantasy games against friends or anyone who is available online at the time of you’re looking to play football for fun. To find out more about this free fantasy football app, keep reading.

Dribble fantasy football for mobile iOS & Android

How to register and play fantasy football on the go – Registering your team is super easy, you can be ready to go playing the Dribble fantasy football app in minutes. Simply provide an email and a username & that’s it your good to go.

Choosing Your Team

Choosing your team is sometimes a tricky thing to do when playing any fantasy football game. That isn’t the same with this app, if you are simply looking to play a quick game, you can select the quick selection button. This button with randomly select your team for you, taking away the decision making.

You get the choose any five footballers that play in the Premiership, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup or Capital One Cup. You can only pick players which are due to play on the next game day.

The five picks have to consist of:

  • Goalkeeper, 1
  • Defender, 1
  • Midfielder, 2
  • Forward, 1

Head to head games against your friends or a random – You can always find someone to play against when using the Dribble app. So if you want to play against your friends, you can invite them to play once you are logged into your profile, by selecting the cog in the top right-hand corner of your device and select add friends. You can then send them a message via Facebook or Twitter requesting they join you in a fantasy football battle.

Alternatively, you can request to play anyone who is online at the same time as you for a battle. To do this hit the purple lightning bolt which can be found at the bottom of your device in the centre of the screen, select it and tap on Play Random.

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Playing For Fun Or For Real Money

Win money playing fantasy football on the appsPlay for fun or for cold hard cash – You can choose to play for fun or you can play for cash, placing bets on the outcome of the game. To play for free, simply choose if you want to play a friend or random, then select “play for fun”.

If you want to play for money you’ll need to make a deposit by tapping on the wallet icon, select the stake and make a deposit. You’ll need to input your card details to do this. To win the big cash prizes you’ll have to have the top performing team out of all the entrants. You should try and pick smart for a game and look at how the points are scored to make your picks. Whilst this isn’t a betting app per se it is still considered as gambling.

Safe & secure – Dribble Media Ltd. Are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

Latest App Updates – They updated the look of the icon, which has given it a much more slick and professional look.

The second change made will definitely please anyone that had an earlier version of the app. Problems with waiting times, finding an opponent to play against and for them to make their picks used to be a big issue. Developers have managed to cut the time in half, making the app more desirable to its users.

Why should you download the Dribble fantasy football app?

If you are looking for a fantasy football app that will enable you to have some harmless fun playing games against your mates, this is definitely an app we would highly recommend you check out. It’s completely free to download, and you can fill some of the moments when your bored with nothing better to do, with a bit fantasy football fun.

The Dribble app is available for Android, iOS and most other mobile and tablet devices.

iOS users (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch) – You can download the app on any of the iOS devices mentioned above, it only takes a couple of clicks to do so. You can download the app from the link provided below.

Download fantasy football by Dribble for iOS here

Android users can download the app from the Google Play store below

Download The App For Android

We truly hope that our review of the Dribble fantasy football app has been insightful & useful for you. To keep up-to-date with any future updates to the app, be sure to connect with us on Twitter.