England World Cup Apps

England World Cup Apps

There’s an increasing number of England world cup apps cropping up on the app store and on Google play. We’ve played around on them to bring you the best ones to download to keep up with England progress to Russia 2018. These are the none betting apps, that include news, info and quiz games.

England world cup apps – the best of the bunch

The ones we have reviewed are going to allow you to keep a track of international games being played around the world. The’ll give you information including match schedules, Results, access to group tables and some of them even provide you with notifications which give information about teams you want to follow.

Best England World Cup Apps #1 GoalAlert

GoalAlert AppThe first app  we are going to present you with is the GoalAlert app, this is not particularly a dedicated England world cup app, but you can do is download it for free and set your favourite team to England. Doing this will enable you to track Englands results, it will provide you with any news in the build-up to the World Cup too.

Some of the main features of the GoalAlert app include;

My Feed – The home page of the app is known as your feed, it provides you with up-to-date news on whats going on in the footballing world. It also gives you the details of the next England game, which in this case the next game is against Scotland.

News – The news tab sort of speaks for itself, where it differs from the home page is, it gives you a longer news feed, so any news that was archived you’ll be able to view it there.

All Matches – This menu tab will give you all the information for all matches that have been played. Which makes it really easy to find out how the games ended up finishing if you missed any of the action.

All Groups – Here you’ll find all of the groups. If you want to take a look at a certain group, all you need to do is select that group from the tab in the left-hand corner which is clearly labelled Groups.

Tables – The tables tab gives you access to all of the group tables.

This is a basic World Cup football and it is alright if you are using it as an England World Cup app, but doesn’t give you access to player profiles and team-sheets etc. Screenshots below are taken from an Apple iPhone.

Click to download the GoalAlert app

GoalAlert App Screenshots

Best England World Cup Apps #2 Football 2018 Qualifiers (Europe)

Football 2018 Qualifiers (Europe)This app is a little bit different to any other World Cup app available on the market to-date. It doesn’t necessarily give you the stats of any of the World Cup qualifiers, what it does is, it uses data available on specific games and provides you with a prediction of how the match will finish. So it’s definitely isn’t specifically an England World Cup app, but you could use this app as a tool to help aid placing bets during the build-up to Russia 2018.

Using the app couldn’t be any easier. Honestly, all you need to do in order for it to make a prediction is to take the steps shown on the images which are located below.

You can see some screenshots of the Football 2018 Qualifiers app directly below. Click to download the Football 2018 Qualifiers.

Football 2018 Qualifiers Screenshots

Best England World Cup Apps #3 Road to Russia 2018

Road to Russia 2018The Road to Russia app in our opinion is the best of the bunch, so we have save saved the best until last. This app is by far the best one we have reviewed so far. The statistics are much more in-depth when compared to the two previous World Cup apps. This app provides you with everything the GoalAlert app does, but what makes this stand out to the rest is, that it it also gives you players stats, home & away stats and more.

If you wanted to use this as one of your England World Cup apps you could do quite easily. All you need to do is add England as the team or one of the teams that you would like to keep an eye on during the qualifiers. To do this simply tap on the app, an d as soon as it loads up, tap on the notification bell in the top right and add England as your team to follow.

We have provided some in-app images of the Road to Russia 2018 below, this is to give you an idea of what the interface looks like before you download it.

Click to download the Road to Russia 2018 app.

Road to Russia 2018 App Screenshots

During the build-up to the World Cup (Russia 2018) keep an eye out for additions to this page. There are always developers bringing new apps out, and if there are any new England World Cup apps released, we will make sure we add them this this list.