Euro 16 dutching tips

If you followed us during the last World Cup you’d have seen our dutching tips returned a tasty 67% profit on the tournament (we dutched Germany, Argentina and Brazil). Although Hollands run made us a little nervous we we’re guaranteed our profit regardless of the outcome of the final. The first bet we’re taking is on Monday the 16th of November ahead of the draw and we’ll look at it again once the draw has been made. Click here to check the draw in 12th December (

Early Euro 2016 dutching tips

For me the finals is between 3 teams – Spain, France and Germany, but I’m nervous about a couple of other teams that could get a run together. I’m discounting England (even though I’m English) as they lack the really quality to get passed the likes of the 3 mentioned teams as well as some of the others. Whilst they’ve qualified well Wales and Portugal don’t really pose a threat but would be worth some money to reach the quarter finals when the markets come out.

I’m going to cover the different options and there possible returns, all odds are correct at 10.45 Monday the 16th November 2016. I’ve used the dutching calculator on odds checker to get the balanced stakes and returns – Click here to visit the calculator.

As safety advice remember to only bet what you can afford to lose, every now and then an unexpected team will win the Euros – Think Denmark in 1992 or Greece in 2004!

Euro 16 dutching tips 1

This is a straight 3 teams – Spain, Germany and France, with no cover on any other teams. I’d expect if just one of them makes the final I’d be able to lay my stake off to get out at break even or a small % loss – remember this is a covering bet not just a gamble on who wins!

Betfair Euro 2016 betting marketBet 1 – 3 team dutch

Based on a £100.01 stake you’ll get a return of £164.41

Germany 4.2 £39.15

France 4.4 £37.37

Spain 7 £23.49

This is a decent return at 64% for a likely outcome, but this is not the bet that I am taking personally.

Bet 2 – 3 team dutch with cover

3 teams as above but with a cover on Italy and Belgium at around break even.

Based on a £118.51 stake you’ll get a return of around £163 if one of the 3 win and your stake back if Italy or Belgium win. This is done by covering the 3 teams as stated above and then covering the stake on both teams.

Bet 3 – Full team cover

Theres a couple of options here depending on how nervous you are! Obviously the more teams you cover the smaller the returns will be.

Option 1

Cover Germany, France, Spain, Belgium and Italy for a 32% return

Option 2

As above but including England and Portugal for a 14% return – I personally cannot see a winner coming from outside these teams but you never know!.