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F1 fans have lots of great ways to follow the sport, but there is little to beat the Official F1 App for smartphone and tablet devices. Whether you’ve got Sky Sports coverage or make do with the handful of Channel 4 races, this app has so much to offer you’ll find the television is an afterthought.

From race highlights and interviews to live leaderboards during the race, the free version of the Official F1 App has a tonne of top features. It’s packed with exclusive content and interviews that you won’t find anywhere else. The content is perfect if you’re an F1 fan and covers everything from drivers interviews to reports and analysis of testing before each season.

But we think it’s worth going up a gear with the F1 Access Annual Pass or Subscription; that’s where the app really delivers.

Available for download from the Google Play and iTunes stores, the app works on a variety of Android and Apple devices including the new Apple iWatch too.

Official F1 App Review

3D Course ViewYou can split this app into two parts – the free service delivered via the Official F1 App on its own, and the paid-for app you access with an annual pass or subscription. Both are delivered through the same app – to pay you make an in-app purchase to unlock the extra features.

The free app element is great at what it does, as you’d expect, but it’s obviously a little limited in terms of content.

With the free version, you can follow F1 all season with leaderboards that are live as the race goes on, and watch lots of exclusive footage including race highlights and interviews. You get the live driver times as well as the gap distance between them.

Post-race highlights are included, which definitely makes the free F1 app a cut above. You can also access the full schedule of races and team and driver standings.

Really, though, we think you’d want to go the full race distance and get the annual pass, or at least the monthly subscription as a trial run.

To get more from the app you’ll need to take out the upgraded season pass – this then becomes the F1 fan’s ultimate accessory.

The screenshots taken here are from the F1 app premium. This shows the in race view where you get more data than the free version.

Live race timings on the app

This includes additional data such as

  • What sector the driver is in
  • Fastest lap times
  • If DRS is enabled
  • Current tyres

Live audio commentary of every session makes it worth downloading, but with a tonne of other features, this app is the business.

Sector times with interval splits, live tyre data and information on pit stops create a whole new F1 experience. In-corner analysis, telling you about entry, apex and exit speeds is a nice addition and helps users compare the different approaches of the drivers.

Formula 1 App – Easily The Best F1 App For iPhone

3D Views Into CornersThe interactive 3D map is one of the best features, bringing tracks to life in a way that you just can’t get on the TV. The great thing is you can check where all the drivers are at any time rather than what the TV coverage show you.

You can also enjoy text commentary on the main dashboard and even follow team radio transmissions and race control messages.
Official F1 App features

With the main paid-for app, users can enjoy official live timing of each races session including practice throughout the season, from Australia to Abu Dhabi.

The interactive 3D map is a wealth of information with everything from gear changes to DRS activations tracked for you to follow. The in corner analysis is a smart add-on to showing the different drivers breaking and entry and exit points from each corner. This is more interesting than it sounds as you can compare how the different drivers approach and why the leaders do better. With all the features the F1 app has, you can see why it’s rated as the best F1 app for iPhone, iOS and Android users.

Access to the exclusive app only video features beyond the highlights packages and interviews available on the free version of the app.

Download the app today directly from the Google Play Store & iTunes via the link below. Simply click the link that relates to your device.

Get the Formula 1 app on iOS or Get the Formula 1 app on Android

Verdict: Great app, with a tonne of top features. OK, so you have to pay to get the most out of it, but for genuine F1 fans the £19.99 a year is probably not going to be noticed. Great functionality as you’d expect, is coupled with a really easy-to-use navigation system to make this a simple app to get around. It’s a decent app to have alongside a sports betting app as you can use the data you get to do some advanced betting on the races in play. Podium finish.