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For the tech-obsessed, GIF-loving, social media-crazy sports fans, the fanatix app has been tailor-made for you. This brilliant app lets you watch and share eight-second looping video snippets of your favourite sporting moments. You can even create your videos, so there is no limit to how long you can spend playing on the app.

It’s been designed for use on both Android and Apple devices and is available from the respective app stores.

Fanatix app review

fanatix app screen shotThe basic idea of fanatix is to be the go-to video sharing app for sports fans. Think of it like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram all rolled into one, but for sports. It’s very similar to vine before that we merged with Twitter.

You will need to make sure many videos you upload do not breach copy write laws.

It includes dedicated mobile social apps, such as PlayUp, SportsYapper, SportStream, as well as more rounded second screens apps like Telfie.

It lets you watch eight-second looping video snippets of your favourite sporting moments and share them with your friends. Sports included are football, cricket, rugby, NFL, NBA, AFL, F1, tennis, golf and many more besides.

The second part of the app is all about creating your own clips to share with friends. It could be a moment of sporting genius, or a total epic fail. Whatever you want to create you can, to coin a phrase from a certain sports manufacturer, just do it. You can showcase your football skills, rant about the latest games or transfers- the possibilities are endless.

Fanatix is partly about the content – the videos that you create or view – and partly about connecting people. The social element of this means it’s great for finding and following other fans, particularly those that share the same sporting interests as you.

The app’s also great as lets you pick teams to track videos, news and social media from your favourite club.

Fanatix app features

Fanatix track your favourite First, we have the key selling points – watch eight-second looping video snippets – (Replay!) – of just about any sporting moment you want and share this content with your friends.

Next, the fanatix app lets users go one step further than most other apps and enables them to create their own eight-second videos

One-touch personalisation lets users create a “fanatix feed” so they can receive a live feed of content from the teams and sports that interest them the most. This real-time feed means it’s super easy to get all the latest sports news from the leading sports blogs and websites around the world. Users can also sync up the official Twitter, Instagram and YouTube feed from the clubs they follow.

Fanatix’s famed “huddle” feature lets users talk about all the latest results, team news and controversies, either publicly or in private groups. This feature comes with support for login via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Users can get official video highlights from English football club channels, Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS and Brasileiro. This is depending on your location – see the app for details.

Verdict: This free app is one of the most interesting sports apps out there. And don’t just take our word for it. The fanatix app is proving very popular, with millions of downloads already. Available for Android and Apple devices, this is a first-class social sports app.

One of kind? Almost: it’s certainly unique and varied enough to keep us interested for hours and hours.