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Fancy managing your way through the thrills and spills of a football season across 17 of the biggest leagues in the world? Then look no further, Football Manager App is here.

This app is the latest iteration from Sega, one of the greatest gaming companies of all time – The makers of Sonic the Hedgehog!

Football Manager app review

On offer here is essentially an app of the PC version, with a smaller database and 2D match engine, compared to its big brother’s 3D, FIFA-style offering. The latest version offers more teams, leagues and players than ever before giving you more gameplay options than ever.

But it does what it says on the tin, putting the drama, suspense and heartbreak of the football season right in the palm of your hands. The perfect companion on long journeys or for killing time in the office.

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The database has always been Football Manager’s strong point, in fact, it has been credited with signings in the real-life game due to its incredible depth and reliability!

In turn that has been the main complaint that FM aficionados have had of the game’s mobile offspring – because it is simply implausible to put that level of depth into an iPhone.

This year the team have once again worked within those limitations, but have bought key features to the front, maintaining popular leagues and clubs while still giving a certain depth to the in-game database.

If pouring over numbers is your thing then you’ll be able to lose hours here, with everything from simple goals scored to training performance and weekly form available in just a few taps

Each player is also assigned a character style, from determined to ambitious – creating new intrigue as you try to build a squad of compatible players – and avoid a Chelsea-style rebellion.

Pick your tactics and setup your team to win

Match engine

Sega have favoured the 2D match engine over the 3D offering of the mobile game’s big brother, but we’re not sure many FM fans are going to miss the graphically superior option.

In many versions of the game this felt like a very stripped back version of FIFA Football, and in all honesty, didn’t add too much to the game’s playability.

The match engine on offer in Football Manager Mobile is a slick offering, allowing to see your team’s key highlights while also viewing the latest match stats and details – vital if you’re going to make that perfectly-timed substitute.

The match speed can be tweaked as you see fit, but you should be able to get through several games in an individual sitting, perhaps more if you’re on a lengthy train, tube or bus journey.

In between matches, the menus are easy to scroll through, and you can take control as much as you see fit.

Assistant manager recommendations are here to help, just as in the full-size game, and you also have several useful compare features which will help to ensure you’ve picked a side capable of going out and winning that big cup final.

Screen shot of the FM 2018 app

In-app purchases

Let’s start by saying Football Manager Mobile isn’t a cheap game, in fact at £6.99 it is among the most expensive games on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

But should you want to enrich your experience any further you can opt to fund one of several in-app purchases which can do anything from add £50million to your budget (£5.99) to increase the size of your stadium (79p)

Be warned though, this game can be ultra-addictive – we imagine it would be incredibly easy to empty your own bank account, as well as that of your club!

Scout your players from selected areas and levels


Football Manager is undoubtedly Sega’s best attempt at putting the award-winning franchise into the hands of mobile users.

It’s a great option both for gaming on the move and also more prolonged spells in front of the screen – offering a whole host of favourite features hand-picked from the full-size game.

All your favourite clubs and players are here with the 14 biggest leagues in the world represented, despite the obvious size limitations presented by the mobile platform.

Whether you opt to battle relegation or chase the title, Football Manager offers an enthralling challenge which will keep you coming back for more time and time again.

After all, is there anything more rewarding than leading your team to league and cup glory?!