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Stats Zone App - FourFourTwoWe’ve taken some time to write this post as we wanted to make sure that we found the best football stats app to recommend to you. We’ve used numerous apps in order to see the quality and depth of information that they provide. We wanted to make sure we found an app that can give you all the information you need on all European football and not just the English leagues.

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Its safe to say we think this app is incredible in terms of the depth of information you can find on games. As well as the usual stats you get information such as streaks and bets that are in line with the opta stats. All you need to do to download this football stats app, is select the link which is relevant to your device.

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Stats Zone App – FourFourTwo Review

Its great that an app of this quality is available to download for free from the app store. As well as pre match stats it also has live score updates and full match information for all the major European leagues. Since its launch the app has seen a vast number of improvements to make it the incredible app it is today. In the summer they added the blog section so you can see the thoughts of some of the top football writers from fourfourtwo magazine.

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The pre match info is in great depth and includes information in the opta Joe style. This information includes winning streak details and some stats from the head to head meetings of the two clubs. It also looks at home form and away from to give you the comparison of the differing forms.

When the game goes in play is when the football stats app really comes into its own. Instead of the basic information most apps provide, who scored and when, the app will provide you with full details of the build up to the goal and exactly what happened. They also provide all the information for every pass, every tackle and every shot. If you like betting on these kind of things – corners, shots on target, possession then this app will give you everything you need at the touch of your fingers.

Its not surprise that this football stats app has won multiple awards at the AOP digital awards and its featured in the showcase for the best apps on the app store. The only thing that could be better would be to have an Android version on the play store. There is also the option to improve this app with a paid version (69p?) so you can get rid of the annoying adverts but thats more a personal bug bear than a major issue.

Stats Zone App Promo Video – YouTube

Take a look at the short video below, it is the promotional video for this football stats app. By adding this video we thought it would give you an even greater idea to what stats you can uncover whilst using the Stats Zone app.

As well as this app four four two offer their excellent magazine as an app so you can read it on the go. The magazine app is available on both i0s devices and android. Its free to download but there is a subscription fee to read the magazine as you’d expect.

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