Great British Bake Off Betting Scandal

GBBO 2016The Great British Bake Off betting scandal – Why punters cannot place bets on the BBC1 show this year. The Great British bake off was 1st aired on the BBC in 2010 and has since been a favourite among Baker’s and cooking enthusiasts alike. It is presented by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins who are a popular female double act and judged by Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood who are well known food critics.

Bookies Ban Bets For The Great British Bake Off

Great British Bake Off Betting ScandalAs well as catching the eye of cooking enthusiasts in the UK, the Great British Bake Off, much like most competitions shown on television, has also sparked an interest by from the bookmakers too. In previous years there has been plenty of bets placed with leading bookmakers on the final outcome of the Bake Off.

However after fears information about the show was leaked by production staff at the BBC & Love Productions, bookmakers have banned any bets on the British Bake Off from being placed. Suspicion was raised after a couple of customers went into a Ladbrokes high street branch and asked ” what is the maximum amount you can bet on the outcome of the Great British Bake Off”, which obviously aroused suspicion.

Investigation Proves Great British Bake Off Betting Scandal

The fears of a Great British Bake Off betting scandal were proven after investigations into the scandal revealed that newly opened accounts were indirectly and directly linked to BBC & Love Productions workers.

At the time of the allegations, a Love Productions spokesman said that he was surprised that a bookmaker like Ladbrokes would ever contemplate taking bets on a show that was pre-recorded.

Who Won GBBO In 2015

Nadiya Hussain - 2015 Winner Of The Great British Bake OffThe winner of the Great British Bake Off was Nadiya Hussain who was the contestant that everyone was placing their bets on. Take nothing away from Nadiya Hussain though, because although she was the one the controversy surrounded, her crowning as champion was more than deserved. She consistently impressed the judges week after week!

Betting on other live shows – Although bets have been stopped on the GBBO, you can still bet on shows like the X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. The reason bookmakers are still taking bets on these shows is because they only accept bets when it goes to the live shows.

It will be interesting to see who eventually win the show after the Great British Bake Off scandal of 2015-16.

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