How Many Goals Coupons: A Complete Guide

Coupons are among the more traditional ways to place your bets and they’ve seamlessly transitioned from being in betting shops to online and betting apps.

When it comes to goals, there are few betting coupons as exciting and good value as the How Many Goals coupon from William Hill

It’s one of the more exciting coupons available from bookmakers and is not only easy to understand but offers brilliant odds too.

Sounds good right? Below you’ll find all you need to know about playing How Many Goals coupons…

What Are How Many Goals Coupons?

How Many Goals is such a simple coupon as all it involves is betting on the number of goals within a football fixture.

This is the combined number of all goals within a fixture and is played in the Over format, popular in a number of markets.

Within the coupon there will be multiple options available to bet on, with a fixture usually having three or four selections available. 

For example, you might look to play this coupon one weekend when Burnley take on Chelsea. Associated with this fixture you’d be able to select a number of different outcomes when it comes to How Many Goals. This would look something like: 

  • 2 or More Goals: 1/3
  • 3 or More Goals: EVS
  • 4 or More Goals: 5/2
  • 5 or More Goals: 4/1

As you would probably expect, the more goals predicted within a game, the higher the odds. In order to win you must predict an outcome correctly in order to win.

Let’s say you wanted to pay this market between Burnley and Chelsea and in this instance you want to bet on the 4 or More Goals outcome. What that means is that the goal must have a minimum of four goals scored within the game.

If the game finishes a draw, that means the scoreline must be at least 2-2, while a win for one team could be a minimum of either 4-0 or 3-1. 

You can play this market as singles bets or increase your odds further through building an accumulator or double with the coupon. 

Things To Note About How Many Goals Coupon Picks

If the How Many Goals coupon is one that you’re interested in, there are a number of things you should consider before making your selection. 

It’s never easy predicting the number of goals within a game, but there are ways in which you can improve your chances of winning.

To boost your hopes you should acknowledge:

  • Player Form: In-form strikers and defenders can have a significant impact on how many goals are scored. A striker who is scoring for fun is of course going to increase the chance of more goals. Equally, strong defensive form of defenders or holding midfielders can limit the number of goals in a game. 
  • Team Form: Of course, it’s a team game and how well a team are playing attacking wise or defensively can have an impact. A strong attack versus weak defence will boost chances of a goal, while two defensively sound sides could see a much cagier game. 
  • Context Of The Game: Games can always be dictated by the context of it. Two sides towards the top of the league is going to see a much more cautious encounter than say two teams in the Champions League who have already qualified for the next round. 
  • Manager Mentality: Managers set their teams up in different ways dependent on opposition. Research how they usually play away from home, against similar quality teams and head-to-head statistics to get a clearer idea of how it might play out.