How mobile changed in play betting

When mobile betting first launched it was a challenge just to place a single bet let alone bet in play or back an accumulator. If you remember the early days of mobile phone browsers you’ll know what we mean, poor graphics and no touch screens were just a start of the challenge. Then you had to use the joystick to move the cursor around to what bet you wanted to select, then on to the bet slip, it could take around 20 minutes just to get your first bet on. In those days I’m not sure anyone would have seen how mobile betting would have grown and how popular in play betting would become.

The launch of the touch screen and larger phone changed everything for mobile betting. It didn’t happen instantly though as most book makers didn’t have a dedicated mobile site so using them was poor to begin with. Then they all seamed to wake up and everyone was launching mobile betting sites and these were getting a lot better. This was all happening at the same time as the amount of games being shown on TV was increasing with other leagues being broadcast regularly by Sky (La Liga mainly). With these mobile betting sites and the improvement of 3G and WIFI speeds mobile betting started to really take off but it was in play betting where a lot of the growth was coming from. Suddenly it was quick and easy to place a bet on a match whilst watching the game, gone were the days of booting up your desktop to place a bet, fighting your way through a poor web browser or running to the local betting shop at half time.

Sportingbet in play app

In play betting on apps

The next stage in mobile betting was Apple opening the app store to allow real money sports betting apps in the app store for the first time. This meant that dedicated betting apps were easy to find and designed perfectly for iPhones and iPads. Unfortunately Android haven’t relinquished their stance on gambling apps so android users are stuck with the mobile sites (these are generally identical to the betting apps any way). With the increased rate of markets and games available to bet on in play betting started to become more and more popular. The main markets were the out right markets (especially when a team were behind or needed a late goal for a win) and the goals markets, over 2.5, 3.5 etc. We are now not far off the point where mobile betting will pass the amount that is placed on desktop, probably during the 2014 World cup. We have also seen Sportingbet launch a specialised in play betting app that sits on a football pitch design and shows you popular markets to bet on quickly (see image above). This is a good and innovative addition to the range of betting apps in the app store and we may see more like this as betting gets more intuitive.

We’re now seeing more and more advancements in mobile betting with the ever increasing live streaming options from bookies. You’ll find endless sports to bet on via the bet365 app and almost all bookies have live horse race streaming when you bet at least £1 on any UK horse race. The stream comes from at the races and you can bet in play whilst you watch too.