Coral Super Series Review: How To Play Guide

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The Racing Super Series is a free-to-play game offered by Coral. It has a guaranteed prize pool of £25,000 and unlike other horse racing competitions, this competition focuses on horses placing rather than the outright win.

This makes for a much more interesting competition, as predicting a horse to place is much easier than predicting one on the nose.

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Seven races are selected by Coral for the competition. Players must then make a selection in each race on a horse they think will end up in the places connected to the each-way terms.

If a selected horse fails to place, the player is eliminated from the competition. Those players who see all seven of their selections place will be competition winners and eligible for a share of the prize pool.

How To Enter Racing Super Series

The Competition can be played from either a desktop or mobile device. Coral has a website, a mobile website and dedicated apps for both iOS and Android users.

All options offer the same features and benefits. The Racing Super Series promotion can often be found on the home page when a new round opens. Alternatively, it can be found within the promotions section.

Accessing the promotion

How Do You Play The Racing Super Series?

When selecting the Racing Super series promotion from the Coral website or app, an info page will open up showing when the current round closes with drop-down options for full terms and conditions. Tap on the “PLAY NOW FOR FREE” button to get started.

Racing Super Series opening page

Details for the first race of the competition will now be displayed. All runners are visible down the page, alongside odds, form and analysis. Selecting a horse will automatically open up the second race, ready for another selection to be made.

Making selections

Each race is numbered 1-7 and is listed at the top of the page (on mobile). Users can tap on any of the numbers to go back to previous selections.

Editing picks

Once all seven selections have been made, a “SUBMIT SELECTIONS” button will appear. Pressing this will confirm all seven selections. The player will then be successfully entered into the competition and in with a chance of a share of the pool pot.

Confirm selections

Users will now be directed to a page that shows the options concerning their selected horses. A horizontal scrolling menu shows personalised suggested bets at the top. Scrolling down will reveal the seven horses selected.

Summary of picks

There’s an option to edit the selections, which can be done as many times as required, up until the time of the first race. This means players can get their entries in nice and early without having to be too worried about non-runners.

How Much Could You Win?

This depends entirely on how many people win in the round. As it is a pool-based system, the pot is shared equally across all winners.

Therefore, if you are picking favourites in every race and they all go on to place, the chances are that round will see a lot more winning entries than the average.

So if you are looking for a good chance of getting a return, picking short prices is the way forward.

However, for those who would rather win big, it would make more sense to put in at least a few selections at long odds and hope for a bad day for the favourites.

This would lead to significantly fewer winners and therefore more money for each.

The competition is free to play and the prize pool is guaranteed by Coral to be £25,000.

Obviously Coral would then like the users to be placing ordinary bets, and try to entice them to do so with the suggested bets section.

However, that is completely down to each individual on whether they choose to or not. There is no obligation to do so.

Terms and conditions do apply to this promotion, as they do with all. Therefore, it’s worth checking them out before playing for the first time.

About Coral

Coral is a well-established bookmaker, both online and on the high street. They are fully licensed to operate in the UK and have decades of experience.

Our Coral app review outlines the full service offered on mobile, going through all of the sports features and casino services available. This will help give a more over feel of what to expect as a registered Coral customer.

Coral also has another free-to-play game, but casino based. The game can be played daily and you can win casino-based prizes. You can read the guide on how to play the Coral reward grabber here

Want To Know More?

Get in touch with us @bettingapps on Twitter where we would be more than happy to answer anything specifically related to the Racing Super Series, or gambling in general.

Here are some of the questions we have already been asked.


Bookmakers offer out place terms for each race in order to offer out their each way options. The number of winning places offered and the price depends on the number of horses running in the race.

For example, place terms may be set at the first four horses at 1/5 of the normal odds. These place terms are displayed on the race cards for each race.

In the Racing Super Series, place terms for each race can be found just underneath the race time, alongside track distance and the ground conditions.

If a selection becomes a non-runner and not edited out for an eligible replacement by the player, the system will automatically replace the selection for the SP favourite. (Shorted odds horse at the start of the race.)

If there are joint favourites, the favourite with the lowest race number will become the automatic replacement.

No. If there are no winners the prize pool money is retained. A new round will open, with the prize pool pot remaining at £25,000

If any of the seven races in the Coral Super Series are made void or abandoned, the whole round is made void. There are no winners and the prize pool money is retained.

Any winnings from the Coral Racing Super Series is paid directly to the users player account. This can then be withdrawn or used for future gambling with Coral.

All players looking to withdraw funds must have a fully verified account. If this has not already been completed, this will be asked for before winnings can be withdrawn successfully.

Yes, this is a free-to-play horse racing competition from Coral that runs at selected times. 

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