Latest Bet365 App Update Brings About Major Interface Changes

The latest bet365 app update has been a significant one, with big changes being made to the layout, look and feel to the whole experience.

Navigation has been turned upside down in an attempt to provide “a more native integrated experience”.

These changes look like they are going to take a while to get used to for those who were familiar with the old design.

Latest bet365 Update Receives Initial Teething Problems

With most significant updates, bugs do tend to sneak past the testing phase or crop up once the update is pushed out in to a live environment and this seems to be the case here. Users were not shy in venting their frustrations on social media.

The update occurred weeks after a bet365 desktop overhaul update was released. This update saw the removal of bet slip and my bets as columns, amongst other visual changes. The social media backlash was significantly less there than it has been with the bet365 app update.

bet365 Respond Quickly With Further “Bug Fix” Updates

However it seems like the bet365 have been working hard listening to the feedback and rectifying any bugs identified. 2 minor bug fix updates were pushed out over the weekend in an attempt to patch up the issues users were facing.

One bug fix was apparently to do with a balance refresh issue. The app has now changed from having a balance refresh button to refreshing automatically as you move from one page to another, but balances were not refreshing initially in a timely fashion. Other fixes introduced sorted stability issues, as well as problems with the favourites feature not working correctly.

What Has Actually Changed?

latest bet365 update - changes made

In all honesty we think the bet365 app looks better with the new update. The new navigation system is quite confusing at first, as it is very different to the old method. However when you get your head around the process, there are efficiencies to be gained. It will take some longer than others to adapt, but some are already getting their heads round the new system

Each time you enter a category or event a new window pops up above the page being viewed. Swiping down from the top of a page or tapping the cross in the top right of the window closes it, revealing the category or menu item viewed previous.

Selecting an in play event now opens up the event page, displaying the live stream window (if available) at the top of the page instead of the animated pitch graphic. The animated graphic is still the default window when there is not a live stream available. Live streaming is available in full screen and is available without betting markets flooding the screen at the same time.

No Change in Features

In terms of functionality, not much has changed – if anything. All the regular features and offers still remain and none have been added. The only thing that has changed is the actual layout.

As stated these changes will take some time to adjust to. Navigating and changing sports or markets will feel a little foreign at first. However, when you get used to it, the experience actually becomes more efficient than the old version.

Our advice is be patient in terms of the bugs that have cropped up on the new update. These will be ironed out over time as and when they are identified. The fact two bug fix updates were released in 24 hours shows that bet365 are indeed working hard behind the scenes to fix things as soon as possible.

Was The Latest bet365 App update Rushed Out?

The timing of such a big update was either unfortunate or part of bad planning. It landed on the weekend of the first set of Premier League fixtures for the new season.

It does appear that the timing was unfortunate as the initial plan was to roll out the latest bet365 app update much closer to the desktop release – around two weeks earlier than it actually did drop. This would have given bet365 time to smooth things out before the season started.

These delays creates somewhat of a suspicion that the update was slightly rushed out in time for the start of the Premier League season. This would certainly explain why there were initial bugs hindering the excellent service and experience loyal users have become accustomed to.

Keep The Faith

We have great confidence in bet365 and their operation. They have been rated as one of our top recommended bookmakers throughout the the UK and that will not change off the back of this update. We will continue to monitor the performance of the app and score our bet365 app review accordingly and appropriately.

They have great customer service, offer competitive prices, provide great features, have solid offers and a great range of markets. They also had a user friendly app, which we believe will be more even more user friendly once the general feedback has been gathered up, listened to and acted upon.

Check out the bet365 app for yourselves and let us know what you think.

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What don’t you like about the new bet365 update?

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