Lib Dems to stop credit card deposits

News - an end to credit card deposits

With campaigning for the next general election well underway the Liberal Democrats look set to take on the gambling industry with their recent pledges and comments on responsible gambling. The other major parties have not got involved in anything specific to gambling the Lib Dems are happy to put some policies on the table. At current polling they are set for around 15% of the vote these policies will mainly stand a chance if join with another party to form a government and may push these policies through as part of that deal.

The Shadow spokeswoman for digital, culture, media and sport, Layla Moran recently said

“Problem gambling often has a pernicious and incredibly sad impact on the lives of thousands of people up and down our country. It is heart-breaking to see many vulnerable people fall further into debt as gambling becomes ever-more consuming.”

No credit card deposits on gambling sites

This has been muted earlier this month by an all parliamentary group on problem gambling. The Liberal Democrats feel that the current conservative government is not taking responsible gambling seriously enough. They think the reduced rates on FOBT machines have taken too long to implement and think they are the party to help with gambling problems in the UK.

The ban on credit card deposit would mean you can only deposit and bet with money you have in theory (You could still bet with your overdraft from your current account for example). The idea is that you would not be able to gamble your self into debt.

Here at betting apps, we think that this is an excellent step forward for responsible gambling in the UK. It should be the case that where possible operators prevent people from gambling with loaned money. Although there are ways around this with overdrafts and loans it is a good step to making it harder to gamble with credit.

no credit cards

The end of “when the fun stops stop”

This came around in October when they suggested that the whole system of responsible gambling needed a complete overhaul. If they came into power via any means we would expect this as something that would be key to there agenda in parliament.

They believe the when the fun stops stop campaign isn’t enough to tackle the problem and the gambling commission needs changing. We are all for responsible gambling and protecting people with problems but think that this campaign has actually been a good one. It has a lot of visibility in the industry and across operators and causes people to think about stopping betting at times.

We also like the bad betty adverts the senet group have put out, encouraging people to not make bets in certain situations. This has been run alongside the when the fun stops stop camping and the two work well together.

£2 limit on all casino games

To note this has not been put forward as a pledge.

This was put forward by the AAPG after the FOBT ruling. They suggested that all online slots and casinos should have a maximum stake of £2 to protect gamblers like the FOBT. This has been described as ridiculous by some casino operators. This is something that the Liberal Democrats could bring in if they were to make a new responsible gambling framework and legislation.

It all remains to be seen who gets in when we go to the polls, we will keep you posted on any other gambling related pledges from the other parties.