Long Term Betting: Develop Your Strategy

Betting doesn’t have to be an acca for the weekend, there are many longer-term wagers from betting on next year’s Grand National to politics and even markets like the next James Bond. 

Outright markets and long term betting is always fun, but with so many variables between the time of bet and the outcome occurring, getting it right can be difficult.

There are many things to consider when long term betting, whether it be betting on football or politics, particularly when it does come to outright markets.

Below you’ll find all you need to know about placing bets over the long term and developing a betting strategy. 

Developing A Strategy For Long Term Bets

There are some great value bets to be enjoyed over the long term, with outright markets always good to get involved with.

If you are looking to bet on a market that won’t pay out for a considerable amount of time, you should always take these top tips into account…

Look For Value Early

Finding value is always important when it comes to outright betting and futures markets. There’s little point in betting on a selection that’s odds-on if there are so many variables which could change the outcome. 

Outsiders may provide better value to you if you believe they have a reasonable chance of paying out as they could come to the fore over the long term and give you a much bigger payout than a favourite.

Look for factors that may not well boost the chances of an outcome immediately but in the long run. For example in Premier League betting look at factors such as investment and transfers, as new signings could be significant in a team winning the trophy. 

Betting At The Right Time

You don’t always have to place a long term or outright bet at the beginning of a season or as soon as the market goes live. You can bide your time and pick the optimum moment to get the most value.

Monitor markets closely and try to evaluate when the best value time to bet may appear. For example, last season in the Premier League Manchester City were clear favourites for the most of the season, meaning you’d have seen very little profit during that period. However, when Liverpool went 10 points clear the odds lengthened on Manchester City offering them as a much better value outcome.

Monitor Fixtures/Events Carefully

In sport, fixtures and results will be a determining factor in long term betting odds changing, while in the likes of politics can see odds sway dependent on a variety of matters including the strength of the pound, law changes, referendums, parliamentary votes and more.

Events that could alter the market should always be taken into account and you should determine whether the market could offer better or worse value dependent on the outcome of such events.

Use Free Bets

Of course, putting your money into something that isn’t going to payout in the short term can put off punters, so using a free bet can be a good alternative. You’ll find tons available from the best UK betting apps and many can be placed on outright markets, although it’s always worth reading the terms and conditions.

Bet On Long Term & Outright Markets Today!

If you’re looking to start betting and developing your long term betting strategy, download one of our favourite betting apps to get started.

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