Match Result & 3 Or More Goals Coupon: Your Complete Guide

Free flowing football managers style is much more likely to result in both teams scoring

The match result market is one of the most common in football betting. It’s simple and effective as all you’re required to do is select the winner of a match.

However, there are many ways in which you can combine this market with another and significantly boost your odds. 

Match Result & 3 Or More Goals coupons are certainly one of the best ways in which you can do this, with a significant bit of value added on if you can correctly predict a winner.

We’re big fans of the coupon here at Betting Apps, which is why we’ve created this handy little guide to explain all you need to know about it. 

What Are Match Result & 3 Or More Goals Coupons?

What this coupon does is essentially combine two different markets and place them together. In order to win you must then correctly predict both aspects of the bet. 

The premise is pretty simple, you’re betting on the team you think will win and that the game will see three or more goals scored within it. 

For example, you might want to bet on a game between Liverpool and Newcastle with William Hill. The odds will look a little as follows:

  • Liverpool: 4/11
  • Draw: 20/1
  • Newcastle: 25/1

While you’ll still find Liverpool odds-on to win the game in this market, it’s significantly better value that simply the Match Result market, which will carry odds of around 1/7 on the Reds.

If you were to back Liverpool, in order to win they would have to win the game and the score would have to be a minimum of 2-1 or 3-0. If they were to win 2-0 your bet would lose as three goals haven’t been scored in the game. 

Where Can I Play Match Result & 3 Or More Goals Coupons?

This coupon is a fairly common one that’s available with most of the major names, whether as a particular coupon or a betting market tucked away within a fixture.

William Hill have a specialised coupon for it in which you can play as singles or increase your odds further with doubles, trebles and accumulators.

If you’re looking to play this market, the best thing to do is head to our Android or iPhone betting apps pages where you’ll find all the top apps as well as in-depth reviews to help you choose the right bookie for you. 

Match Result & 3 Or More Goals Top Tips

This is a coupon that should be carefully considered as you have to predict two parts correctly in order to win.

There are a number of things in which you should consider when placing bets on Match Result & 3 Or More Goals coupons, including: 

  • Manager Tactics: Managers set up their teams differently against different sides and when they’re away compared to at home. Analyse how they have set up in similar circumstances previously and decide whether there could be goals or whether it looks like a tight game that could see only one goal in it.
  • Player Form: When a striker is in top form, goals come naturally and it’s worth backing this market. Equally, when a defender or goalkeeper is in fine form, they could limit the number of goals a team could score.
  • Context of the Game: What’s at stake in the game. If two top sides simply could do with avoiding defeat, we might see a cagey affair with few goals. If one team really has to go for it whether it be to earn promotion, get through to the next round of a cup or stay in a division, the chances of goals are higher.