NBA AppThe NBA app review for iOS & Android 2016 – The National Basketball Association (NBA) is believed to be the most popular basketball league in the world, boasting over 29 franchised member clubs based with the US, as well as one in Canada. As a result, NBA sportsman are among the top-paid professional sportspeople.

NBA App Guide

Best NBA App For iOSThe league began its humble beginnings in New York City during June of 1946, and was then known as the Basketball Association of America (BAA). The league later adopted the name National Basketball Association in 1949, when it merged with its former rival, the National Basketball League.

The NBA saw a rise in popularity during the 1970s and 1980s thanks to the additions of basketball rookies, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, who joined the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers respectively, before going on to become robust names in the world of basketball.

The NBA has gone from strength-to-strength ever since, introducing a plethora of talented basketball players to basketball fans globally, slowly ensuring that its fan base grows and grows, especially given the power of the Internet.

Its popularity remains as strong as ever, and as such, the NBA has introduced an app for fans to follow their favourite players and matches more in-depth.

NBA App Download For Android & iOS

App Installation – The installation of the NBA app couldn’t be more straightforward, simply search for the NFL app within the App Store and click download, the rest of the process is completely automated.
Once downloaded, you can opt to create an account. Once you have an active account, you are free to navigate around the app and absorb the latest news and stats.

Click here to download for iOS or Click here to download for Android

The Official NBA Mobile App Review

NBA iOS AppApp Design – The app offers NBA sports fanatics a series of tabs that can be accessed easily. These tabs will take users to various segments of the app, such as the latest news and upcoming game fixtures.

The app is designed in such a way that users can easily navigate around the app with a few simple thumb swipes.

For those who don’t speak English as a first language, there have been many updates in relation to updated translations and new languages. Among the languages are Thai, Turkish and Malaysian.

Although the app offers plenty of the latest news as well as access to a number of live games, users within the UK may be met by some blackened out screens. This is something that can’t be avoided with an app that has roots over the pond.

The design also allows for the app to be used a cross a number of devices, making it a truly immersive experiences. Not only does this allow you to view the app as and when you need to, but it also means you can simply switch devices if you’re keeping a keen eye on a certain NBA game.

App Features

As well as its pleasing aesthetics, the app also offers its users a new selection of NBA-related clips to keep them stocked up on the latest NBA games.
Users can also amend their profile to receive tailored notifications that apply to teams and players they’re interested in, meaning that every new notification is deemed relevant.

Special Offers and Bonuses – The NBA app is designed in such a way that to use it to its full effect, you may need to opt for additional purchases within the app. There are no upfront promotions, but those who subscribe to the Facebook and Twitter channels may find themselves furnished with a selection of different options.

However, the app is tailored for a number of different experiences. For example, some fans may watch games more casually, and can simply opt to pay £4.99 when they want to view a specific game. Similarly, those who can’t enough of NBA action can opt for the NBA Premium option, retailing at £149.99 for the year, or £21.99 a month.

The NBA App Premium Subscriptions

This gives hardcore NBA fans a number of additional perks, such as access to the all-star weekend, live and on-demand games, as well as number of in-game features.

There are other subscriptions that vary dependant on what you’re looking for from the app. For example, if you’re only interested in a particular team as opposed to the league itself, you could opt for the NBA Team Pass, which is a mere £40.99 per year.

The way the packages have been tailored make the app a very attractive option when it comes to keeping up with NBA events. Users aren’t being affected financially as every subscription has been tweaked to appeal to a certain demographic, meaning it is never over or under sold.

There’s no denying how popular basketball is as a game, especially when it consists of teams within the NBA. As such, there are a vast number of fans who are itching to get their hands on the latest news and player profiles, and with technological advancements, expect to do so while out and about.

Fortunately, the NBA iOS app is able to cater towards the needs of many NBA fans thanks to its straightforward but pleasant design, its responsive tabs and the amount of thought that has been put into the designing of the app, making it ones of the most pleasurable apps for sports fans available. The app can even be viewed on up to five different devices at no additional cost, a very big selling point when it comes to app permissions.

Cast NBA Highlights Via App

Cast Highlights On Your TV Using The AppSince the recent updates to the NBA mobile app, you can now cast the highlights of the NBA games on your TV via the app. So this means, if you don’t want to sit there watching the highlights on the small screen, you can use you mobile device to cast it on to your television instead.

We think this a great idea, and some of the apps out there that provide highlights of matches might want to think about following suit.

Not only is it a good idea for individuals who like to watch basketball on the big screen, it is fantastic for visually impaired fans too. To cast the highlights on to your TV, simply select the video you’d like to watch and then hit the Cast icon in the top right (see image to the right).

Our Verdict

Misgivings aside, NBA fans globally will find more than enough news, games, stats and player overviews to keep then entertained and at the forefront of NBA news.