Odds-On Match Betting Coupon: Your Complete Guide

Free flowing football managers style is much more likely to result in both teams scoring

When betting on football, many of us will build our accumulators backing the favourites. In fact, no matter what the wager or market it’s useful to know who the favourite is.

The Odds-On Match Betting coupon tells you exactly that, collecting all the big favourites in the To Win market for you to bet on.

It’s one of the more intriguing coupons available from bookmakers and betting apps and below you’ll find all you need to know about it…

What Are Odds-On Match Betting Coupons?

Perhaps the most easy-to-understand coupons, Odds-On Match Betting is simply a collection of fixtures within a coupon that all have an odds-on favourite to win the game. 

That means within the coupon you’ll find heavy favourites as well as heavy underdogs which can be bet on as singles, doubles, trebles or accumulators.

For example, you might find this coupon within a football betting app with a number of fixtures similar to this Liverpool and Newcastle game below. The odds would likely look a little as follows:

Liverpool: 1/7

Draw: 7/1

Newcastle: 14/1

As you can see Liverpool are a strong favourite for the game, with Newcastle a clear underdog. What that means is there’s very little value in backing Liverpool in the singles market, but there is in backing Newcastle. Where you’ll find better value in backing Liverpool is betting on an accumulator across the coupon.

Where Can I Play Odds-On Match Betting Coupons?

The Odds-on coupon can be played across a number of Android and iPhone betting apps including the likes of Coral, William Hill and bet365, while it’s of course one of the markets that can be played regardless of being in a coupon. 

No matter what the betting app you’ll be able to play this market, although it’s much easier when all odds-on markets are found within a coupon. 

Odds-On Match Betting Coupon Top Tips

The Odds-On Match Betting market is always an interesting coupon to play as you really do have to work hard to make a tidy profit.

If you’re backing favourites that always involves an accumulator as you’ll find no value in the singles market, while backing a draw or underdog win you’ll receive a tidy payout. However, they have long odds for a reason. 

The best way to work with this coupon is to study the fixtures and make your selections based upon clear analysis and educated predictions. To do this you should: 

  • Study The Form: Are underdogs showing signs of form that could potentially upset the favourite?


  • What Does It Mean To The Underdog?: What’s on the line for both teams? If it means little to the favourite but a lot to the underdog, it could swing in their favour. 



  • Injuries & Suspensions: Big players missing from a fixture can have an affect on teams. A star striker out or influential playmaker can really change the complexity of a game and even hand the initiative to the underdog.