OLBG AppIf you have been around in the betting game for a while, it’s probably fair to say that you’ve heard of the OLBG app. If you haven’t, you are in for a treat, because this sports betting tips app gives users lots of idea’s when placing sports bets. It enables you to get all the latest tips and expert opinions from OLBG sports. Whats great about this app is that it’s available from the iTunes App store for the (iPhone and iPad) & Android devices too.

OLBG App Review

Whatever you do, check the OLBG sports betting tips before you place a bet. It’s designed as a kind of one-stop-shop for tips and opinions. Rather than having a different app for each of horse racing, football, golf etc, you can find all the information you need in one place.

In addition to the tips, the app boasts various features that help make it a genuinely useful download. Above all, there is in-app betting, which makes life a lot easier as you don’t need to toggle between apps or sites on your phone. Just find the sport, the event, read the tips and bet – it’s that easy.

There is also the geo-location data feature, which we think adds a nice touch to the app. The app can detect where you are and deliver tips based on nearby events.

Download OLBG For iOS Or Download OLBG For Android

OLBG Sports Betting Tips App Features

OLBG Hot TipsHot Tips: This lets users stay up to date easily with the most popular tips on major races, matches and events.

Tips By Sport: If you’re looking for something not in the Hot Tips function, it’s really easy to browse all events to find the tips, comments and expert tipster selections for whatever sport you’re interested in.

In-App Betting: As described earlier, this feature is a real plus and is the sort of thing greatly valued when you’re out and about and need to place a quick bet. You can bet easily bet from any page of the app. All you need to do is open an account via the app or login if you have one already, deposit funds, and then place your bet using the new bet basket. It’s also easy to check your betting history and check your account balance. Users can also view how many bets they have from every page. Because of the betting feature, however, you need to be aged 18 and live in the UK.

Choose Your Bookie

Best of all, you’re not restricted to a single bookmaker for your betting. The app will offer a choice of bookies with the best odds.

Geo Location: Again, this is a very handy little feature. As long as you have your geo-location data switched on the app can detect where you are and offer you tips for the event.

Sharing: The app can be linked to various social media sites so you can share tips with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You can also share your betting history this way, meaning it’s really easy to show off after that big win!

OLBG Links: The links feature is simply a way to access more detailed pages on the main site easily from within the app. Really handy if you want to find out more information on a particular event or tip, but usually you can find what you need from within the app.

If you take a brief look below we’ve added screenshots of the OLBG app taken on an iPhone. Simply to show you what you expect once downloaded.

OLBG iOS App Screenshots

Final Verdict

Great all-round sports app with a very clear focus on tips. In-app betting with various bookies is a major plus point for this app and the reviews on iTunes make it clear that we’re not the only ones to think that way. With more than 500 reviews so far the app has an impressive 4.5 star average. The OLBG app has got everything you need to beat the bookies but beware; this is one incredibly absorbing app so you don’t want to end up betting more than you can afford!