On The Ball App Update

On The Ball App UpdateOn The Ball app update 2016 – For those of you that are not familiar with the On The Ball mobile app, let’s give you a brief introduction. It is a football betting and statistics app, which was recently launched in the iTunes App Store. It’s completely Free to download, it’s available on iTunes and the owners/developers are working hard to provide a solution for Android users too.

On The Ball App Update

How to download On The Ball app – To download On The Ball on your iOS device is relatively simple, it is exactly the same as if you were installing any other app on your iPhone, iPad etc. So all you need to do is click on the link below and add the app as you normally would.

Download On The Ball For iOS

On The Ball App For Android

Currently there is no solution for Android users who would like the opportunity to install the app. However, we are very aware that  there will be a solution to that problem very soon. In the meantime if you would like a notification when there is an option for Android, you can leave an email address on their website. They will then notify you when the release date is close.

You can leave your email at the On The Ball website, to receive notification about the On The Ball app update.

Alternatively, you can follow On The Ball on Twitter @OnTheBallApp, they have a very active Twitter account.

On The Ball Mobile App Review

Why should you download the app – Well, if you are looking for an app that provides you with everything you need to make smarter decisions when placing bets on the football, On The Ball is a must. The On The Ball mobile app has a very simple design, which makes it super easy when trying to navigate around the app. Now, although it’s great that the app is very user friendly, it is the functionality/features of it that gives it the edge over its competition.

On The Ball For iOSThe main reason why we rate On The Ball so highly, is because of the useful information that it provides you with. The information provided to the apps users is based on the data collected for the past 5 games. From the information the app collects, it then gives you a percentage of the likelihood that a particular game will result in the teams scoring X amount of goals.

For example; going by the information showing on the image to the right, it indicates that St Patricks Vs Dundalk has over a 90% chance that the match will result in more than 1.5 goals being scored.

Understanding Information Given

How to read the data – The top orange arrow is highlighting the likelihood of how many goals will be scored, whereas the lower arrow is pointing towards the percentage of the result being correct.

Anything that is displayed like this >90% means that there is a more than 90% chance of this result being correct.

Obviously, this isn’t always the case, but when you collect the data for a teams last five games, it’s easier to determine what the outcome of a game will be based on recent form, than it is over the course of a whole season.

If you take a look below, you’ll see some snapshots of the On The Ball iOS app. This is to show you examples of what to expect the app to look like once you have downloaded it.

On The Ball iPhone App

Apps Main Features

The main features that the On The Ball app update provides users are as follows;

Likelihood of the outcome of the game highlighted with a % – The likelihood of the result is always indicated with a percentage, the higher the percentage, the more likely the result. It’s as simple as that.

Last 5 Head-to-heads – It’s is always good to know the history when a certain club plays another. Especially if the clubs notoriously end up being a boring 0-0 encounter. Hence the reason this data is so important when you are placing bets on these games.

Live games and in-play stats – The great thing about this app is that you don’t have to miss out on the in-play action. The in-play game stats give you a play by play description of how the game is going.

Search all leagues – You have the ability with the app to search through every league in the world. So if you want to find out how a specific team is doing in their respective league, you can do this using the On The Ball app.

Placing Bets

Placing a bet using On The Ball – All you need to do to place a bet using the app is make your selection, when a prompt says bet was added to bet-slip simply select the shopping cart (top right) and tap place bet. You’ll then be taken through to the bookmakers site where you can place the bet.

If you don’t have an account simply tap where it say’s “Join Now” “Sign-up Here” or “Bet Now”, and fill in the form provided. Once you have completed the form you’ll be free to place your bets.

If there was a slight negative side to the app, it would be the fact you have not got the ability to place accumulator. Having said that, we are under the impression that this issue will soon be resolved.

OnTheBall Promo Video

Can you spare time to check out the On The Ball mobile app promo video?

We hope the On The Ball app update was insightful. If you have any further questions about the app, you can connect with us through our social media channels. Twitter & Facebook.