On the Ball app

For a while here at bettingapps.co.uk we’veĀ been looking for a decent betting stats app that gives you a view of a teams last 5 games form and we could not find one that looked great and presented the information in an easy to use manner. So a year ago I started drawing one out on paper for how we’d want it to look and how the feeds would work and off we went to find an app developer.

After a lot of work to get it working how we wanted it on the 21st of April 2016 we launched our first app on the iTunes app store – The On the ball betting stats app. We’re really pleased with how it looks and works and the initial feed back is excellent, although there are a few bits to iron out. We’re hoping to get an Android version built over time but for other users we’ll be posting the stats daily on twitter via @ontheballapp.

On the ball app logoOn the ball betting stats app review

The on the ball app is build to give a perception of goal form as well as value. The great thing about the app is that you can see how the odds vary on games with the same stats as each other. You’ll often find in the feeds that there are games with the same last 5 game % but the odds vary from 1.07 to 1.29. This is due, in my opinion, to league bias. You’ll generally find Bundesliga games at lower odds as its perceived as a high scoring league.

The real strength of the app is backing these “value” bets that have decent odds and decent stats as we do on the Twitter feed and on our Goals betting tips blog – The top rated 7-fold every Saturday. The leagues on the app are from all around the world so there’s always some stats to look over.

Here’s some screen shots of the app in action!

On the ball iPhone betting stats app betting stats feed on itunes

How the stats work

Without going into too much detail the back end of the app calculates the amount of goals in previous matches to give you a view of the form by the way of a % chance. In the BTTS stats the calculations look at both scoring and conceding goals so appear lower than the over gaol stats.


We dreamt up the app a while ago and to see it in action is amazing – the results so far are really promising and the feedback has been 99% positive so far. If you’ve download the app let us know what you think of it!