PGA Tour app

The PGA Tour is the world’s leading golf tour, so there is an undeniable pressure on the guys at their Florida headquarters to get their app offering spot on.

Luckily they’ve delivered and what we have here is a slick app which makes it easier than ever to stay on top of events as the tour and its multitude of stars work their way across America.

Everything from news and social media to scores and course layouts is covered within – making this a truly enthralling and diligent golf app offering.

PGA Tour Mobile App For iOS & Android

The PGA tour mobile app is available for all popular mobile & tablet devices. So if you are looking to download this awesome golf app on either Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch), all you need to do is click on the relevant link provided below.

Download PGA Tour For iOS or Download PGA Tour for Android

Official PGA tour app review

PGA tour iPhone app logoThe PGA Tour app is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play and, once downloaded, takes you through a quick tutorial before giving you full access to its contents.

As you’d expect from the world’s leading golf tour, this is a well thought out app which offers a comprehensive overview of everything occurring on tour.

Everything from individual player records to course layout for the latest events is covered here – and it goes into some depth, with even individual golfer’s strokes recorded so you can see exactly how your favourite player got to the green.

You can keep right up to date with the latest coverage through the PGA Tour Live option, which interacts perfectly with the up-to-date leaderboards and on course statistics when watching live events.

There is also a comprehensive news section, which features posts from the tour’s social media accounts and professionally shot videos from the PGA Tour’s multimedia team.

It all comes together to create a thoroughly detailed app, which is a must for any golf nut’s iPhone.

PGA Tour Live

PGA tour app on androidOne of the best features of the PGA Tour app is its link up with the tour’s other mobile offering PGA Tour Live.

PGA Tour Live does exactly what it says on the tin – presenting live coverage of the latest tour events using both TV and radio broadcasts. This is great to use alongside any betting app that has golf betting. The live events give you much more detail about what is going on than a bookmaker.

For example, the Betvictor app, which is an excellent place to ebt on golf has the leaderboard but not the shot by shot information you get with this app. This can help you get an edge on your in-play betting.

This is a great option for keeping up with the PGA Tour on the move while keeping all the latest info from the tour right at your fingertips.

As you might expect, this does come in the form of an in-app purchase, with a monthly pass costing £4.49 and an annual subscription £29.99. This is roughly in keeping with similar offerings from other sporting apps.

Course feature

The Course feature is a wonderfully interactive option which gives you an overview of everything going on in the latest PGA Tour event.

Each hole of the course is comprehensively covered here, with details including yardages and a close look at the green.

There’s also a multitude of statistical offerings here, with everything from the number of birdies and bogeys, to the percentage of golfers hitting the fairways.

You can organise the course by hole or by playing group so you can easily track specific players, say Rickie Fowler or Ian Poulter.

And in an extension of this you can home in on a particular hole to see exactly how each group has played their shots – plotting individual players’ performance from tee to green.

Our Verdict

This app is a thoroughly comprehensive offering from the PGA Tour, giving you greater access than ever before to the world’s leading golf tour.

All the best players in the world are on show on the PGA Tour, and this app gives you access to a whole range of features that will make following them on their journey around the States even easier.

The Course options and PGA Tour Live feature give this app a premium feel, and that’s before you get on to an informative news page and clear, easy-to-read leaderboard which really help you to stay on top of the action.

We particularly liked the variety of news on the aforementioned feature, with a range of social and video offerings accompanying the more traditional text-based updates.

It all combines to make the PGA Tour app a real must have for any golf fanatics sporting an iPhone or Android handset.