PKR poker app 3D

PKR poker 3D app logoThe PKR poker app is a fantastic real money poker app that means you can play poker in 3D on your iPhone, iPad and now android (finally). The graphics are slick and the app is by far the best designed real money poker app we have seen. With the PKR app you can play poker at a range of tables based on what level of stake you wish to play at. With a sign up bonus of up to 150% for new customers the PKR 3D poker app is a must download for all poker fans.

Downl0ad the PKR poker app

Before you download the app you will need to sign up for a PKR account. You cannot register or make your first deposit from in the app so you will need to use the link below to register first. See below for the sign up bonus levels. It is quicker and a lot easier to sign up via a PC, tablet or laptop.

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PKR sign up bonus codes-

PKR200 – Deposit up to £500 and get a 200% bonus (£1000 max)

To get the bonus you need to register via the link on this page and use the code provided.

Once you have registered iPhone and iPad users can download the PKR poker app from the app store. Android users will need to go to and follow the steps to download the APK file from there.

PKR poker app 3D review

As soon as we downloaded the app we were really impressed with how it looks. PKR have clearly spent a lot of time and money on building a poker app to rival that of poker stars. We believe that the PKR poker app is clearly on par if not slightly better than the poker stars app. When you start playing poker you have a choice of tables to pick from at a range of stake levels so you can start small and get used to the app before playing on the bing money tables.

pkr app in game

If you want to play Texas hold em you have the choice of sit and go tournaments and ring game options. The app also has a lot of fun features built in including moving cameras when you’re not in hand and animated chip tricks. You can build your avatar and express yourself with animated emotes including laughter, the ability to edit your avatar to look more (or less) like you is coming to the app very soon. Overall we think the PKR poker app 3D is the best real money poker app available for UK players.

Pkr poker 3D app in play

PKR 2D app – If you have issues with the 3D app due to a slow internet connection then you can download the 2D app that has the same features and game play just not the graphics.

Other apps from PKR

As a PKR customer you can get access to the 4 other apps that have on offer (i0s only), including the brand new sports book app. There’s also a couple of very slick casino apps in the form of the 3D roulette and 3D blackjack apps.

PKR roulette 3D app

These are in line with the design for the PKR poker app in terms of slickness and the 3D feel. You can see from the picture above that this is a class apart from other 2 dimensional casino apps. Rather than the usual flat view you get a real feel for the game play, this app is some where between a standard casino app and the live casino apps. The main difference is the amount of data it uses compared to a live casino app, as the imagery is built in its not streaming the data making it quicker to run.