Shake a bet app

The Shake a bet app from William Hill is one of the vast range of gambling apps available from the well renowned company. This app shows the more easy going, fun side of William Hill but can still be used to place real money bets from your William Hill account.

The app throws up random bets based on your suggestions, but has also been improved to offer more. If you’re not already a customer of Mr William Hill you can get 2 x £10 bets free when you register for a free account and place a bet of only £10.

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Shake a bet is available from the app store in the UK and is free to download. It is only on iPhone currently with the iPad version being a x2 size of the iPhone app. You can now get this via the William Hill android app too – Click here for details.

Shake a bet – How it works

In it’s most simple format you select the number of outcomes you want and shake your phone to see what comes out. You can set the options for an all sports bet or for just football or horse racing and any amount of results from one to ten. Once you have the options you then can change any selections if you don’t like them.

For example if you wanted to swap one selection you can manually roll the wheel round to pick what you want to bet on. If you’re not happy at all then you can just hold your finger on the bar and re spin the wheel!

shake a bet screen shots

The Shake a bet app is an interesting idea for the more fun bets but its not really for the more interested sports bettor. It is a fun app to have if you struggle for what to bet on and does throw some interesting bets out there especially in the mixed sports options.

As with all William Hill mobile applications, this one is solid, reliable and secure leaving you at full ease to place a bet if a selection pops up that you are willing to have a bet on. The fact that this app has not needed an update of any kind since 2011 is a testament to how sturdy this platform is.


We’ve placed a few bets on Shake a bet during testing and won one out of 6. We’d advise checking some stats before you place your bets just to be on the same side as its a random selection not a tip.

Give it a download/install and see what random combination gets recommended to you for this weekend!