Sky Bet Blackberry app – £10 free

The Sky Bet Blackberry app has everything you could want from a mobile betting site. Choose from live matches and races, popular sports events, or alternative sports listed from A to Z. The site also gives you the opportunity to track the action in live matches as it happens, as well as stream live racing if you place a bet.

How to get the Sky Bet Blackberry app

Sky Bet blackberry home pageIt takes under 2 minutes to install the Sky Bet into your Blackberry and its still under 5 minutes if you are registering as a new customer. From your Blackberry mobile or playbook click the link below and you will be taken to the Sky Bet Blackberry site. New to Sky Bet? Register and get a £10 free bet, with out making a deposit – who doesn’t love simple free money?

Click here for the Sky Bet Blackberry app and £10 free

All you need to do now is add this to your home page to appear as a Blackberry mobile betting app and start placing your bets. If on a PC or Mac use the link to register as a new customer to ensure you get the free bet then go to Skybet on your Blackberry mobile.

Sky Bet Blackberry app review

The format of Sky Bet is extremely simple yet some of the features are unique, fully optimising the sports betting experience.
If you are looking to bet on upcoming popular matches or races, you will find the event you want straight away on the landing page. This gives you all the mainstream events so you don’t have to search for them, as well as the start times.

Sky bet app football couponsOdds and betting options for the featured events are easily found by clicking on the match or race. By clicking the button for your desired bet, it is instantly added to your basket, so all you need to fill in is the amount you wish to stake.

Sky Bet also give you additional offers in the shape of price boosts, which are displayed clearly next to the qualifying event with the yellow arrow icons. These boosts give you the chance to earn more on selected races/events should your selection win.

In addition to the featured events, the Sky Bet Blackberry app home page also includes a live events section. As you would expect, the live section gives you all the sporting events that are currently in progress. You can find your preferred sport quickly and easily in this category, simply by scrolling through. You can also access coupons from the home page for easy selection of specific bets.

A unique aspect of the live football matches is the pitch view feature. This gives you information on the game as it unfolds. It gives you a rough idea of the position of play, as well as what the side in possession are doing, for example, attacking, corners and cards.
Another unique feature that Sky Bet provides is the live streaming of certain horse racing in the UK and Ireland, if you place a bet over £1. Obviously this is ideal if you want to see a race, but you cannot watch it via another method.

Overall, the Sky Bet Blackberry app is easy to use, and incredibly simple to navigate. Virtually any betting option or sporting event can be found with just a few clicks. Any offers are easy to see with the Sky Bet icon, and the pitch view and live streaming features are of particular note, giving Sky Bet the edge over their competition.