Sportlobster app

Sportlobster AppIt’s true what they say, the world is your lobster. Or at least the sporting world is with the Sportlobster app, an innovative sports-based social network that connects fans from around the world. Imagine a mix of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with a definite sports focus and you are somewhere close.

Mark Weber and Michael Owen were among the high profile investors in the app and with football ace Cristiano Ronaldo promoting it, the Sportlobster app certainly has some useful fans. But does it cut it with the rest of us? Is it the real Thermidor?

Sportlobster app explained

Sportlobster Live ScoresSportlobster is designed as a one-stop-shop for sports fans. “Fans will never again be forced to visit several sites or download multiple apps to stay connected to the sporting world,” CEO Andy Meikle told the Telegraph on its launch in 2013.

“If you think of a typical day in the life of a sports fan, it usually involves going to the news sites to read the latest on sport, checking Youtube to find footage you missed, maybe looking at photos too, chatting on Twitter or Facebook and perhaps putting a bet on. The Sportlobster app brings all these elements into one place.”

A central focus of the app is to compete in Prediction Leagues against friends, celebrities and other fans from around the world. It’s really simple: just pick the outcome of matches, predict correctly and you gain points and win.

What’s unique about this app is that you can actually compete and interact against the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Owen and George Groves on the Prediction Leagues.

But it’s got a tonne of other useful and fun features such as breaking sports news, live score updates and various other bits of information across football, tennis, cricket, rugby and motorsport – 32 sports in total are covered.

Sportlobster available For Android & iOS

The app is available for download at both the iTunes and Google Play stores for use on Apple and Android devices. The Apple version eats up about 40 megabytes, while the lighter Android version takes up about half that.

It’s got very good reviews, averaging over 4 stars for all iTunes versions. On Google Play it’s notched up more than 1,300 5-star reviews.

Signing up is dead easy and you can do it through your existing Facebook or Twitter account.

Download on iPhone/iPad or Download on Android

Sportlobster app features

Sportlobster FanZoneIf you’ve got a smartwatch this app can be a fun way to use it. You can get Instant score updates your Apple Watch so it’s super-easy to follow what’s going on all the time.

A high resolution version is available for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but the appearance and layout is great in any event.

If you’re got mates who like sport and want to get involved it’s really fun as you can create a private league for you and your friends. Alternatively, just jump in a public league to compete with thousands of other users from all over the planet. Fanzones exist for news and opinion on a range of sports

Points are accumulated based on risk. So just like a bet, if you back the underdog you’ll get more points.

It’s a really interactive system for users – really it’s a user-led experience. So you can post lobs (little updates like a tweet), write blogs, tag your friends and share your views with other fans
. It’s connected with Facebook and Twitter so it’s easy to sign in to using your existing social media account.

Sportlobster on the Apple iWatch

Sportlobster Apple iWatchSportlobster were on of the quickest companies to get an apple watch version of their app out. The apple watch app is a trimmed down version of the full app giving you the key information on your wrist in a flash. You can check out the up coming games, live scores and the days results.

You can also see how your predictions are doing for the competitions in the results section of each game.


So what does the Real Madrid striker and brand ambassador Ronaldo think about Sportlobster? He says: “I’m so proud to be an ambassador for Sportlobster. We can change the way fans consume sport forever.”

It’s hard to say whether it will change the way people interact with sport completely, but it’s got a tonne of great features that help lift this app above the crowd. It’s Facebook meets Match of the Day meets Test Match Special – ideal for any true sports fan.

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