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SportsManias AppThe SportsManias app was designed to be a one-stop shop for sports and team news. Combining breaking news from Twitter with blogs from players and personalised feeds from top sports writers. If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings of a particular team or player, there are few apps so well set up to meet your needs.

SportsManias Mobile App Guide

With five star ratings from hundreds of reviewers on the Apple iTunes store, this app comes highly recommended. Moreover, NFL star wide receiver Julio Jones, and Jeremy Maclin of the Philadelphia Eagles, are among the big name supporters of the app.

SportsManias App Review

sportsmainias app screen shotOr, to give the app its full title, SportsManias Sports News & Custom Team Feeds. This pretty much tells you all you need to know about the app. Lots and lots and lots of information about every team, sport or player you can imagine.

It’s based on a unique approach that combines traditional journalism with social media. So you get the latest updates from local beat writers who are out in the field, at games, talking to people behind the scenes and so on. And, you get all the rumours, reviews, opinions and chatter that comes with social media. Put all this together and you have probably the most comprehensive source of information you could imagine.

When you launch the app, simply create an account using whatever social media site you prefer to use. From here you get a news feed, a video feed, a tweet feed, and a rumours feed.

It lets you build up highly personalised feeds from professional sports writers and top players. This is beefed up with breaking news from Twitter.

All together, your feed soon includes news, tweets, videos, pictures, scores, standings, fixtures and more.

Founded in October 2012 by Miami-based Aymara Del Aguila and her son Vicente J. Fernandez, has experienced tremendous growth since its inception.

Team News From SportsManias

sportmainia pick team screenIn 2013, SportsManias updated its Team News mobile app with a Rumor Filter, which collects league and team-specific rumours from top rumour sites. That year also saw the launch of a Video Filter, which aggregates footage from YouTube and Twitter that fans may miss. These filters use a proprietary algorithm to ‘mine’ user-relevant rumours and videos in real-time.

“Sportsmanias is the easiest, fastest and most complete source of team news out there,” says Del Aguila.

“Sportsmanias features beat writers who eat, breathe and live sports as their profession, delivering breaking news everyday, every few minutes, on fans’ favourite teams.”

In terms of the coverage, there is no shortage of sports news and custom team streams covering Premier League football, Italy’s Serie A and Spain’s La Liga.

NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL Hockey, MLS and lots of other top American sports are well catered for but this is very much a US-focused sports app with not a lot other than English, Italian and Spanish football besides.

National football team coverage is solid but unexceptional. For instance, England and Germany are covered, but not the other home nations like Scotland or Wales. Iran has a feed but Ireland doesn’t.

Free Sports Emojis

Free Sports EmojisThe SportsManias mobile app also has fun element to it too. It provides users with a whole host of 2929animated images to use for Tweeting purposes and social media.

The free sports emojis can be used for social media; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email or SMS messages too.

In order to access the emojis you will need to go into your device’s settings. The changes that need to be made are as follows;

Select ‘Settings’ on your iOS device > tap the icon labelled ‘General’ > scroll down to ‘Keyboard’ tap on it and there should be Keyboards (top of the page), select it and then add a new keyboard, the final step is to add the option labelled SportsMania Emojis. You will now see the options to add animated images to messages etc.

Download The App For iOS & Android

It’s available for download from Google Play store for a range of Android devices, and for Apple’s iTunes or App Store for iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Click to download on iOS or Click to download on Android

Verdict: The SportsManias app has five-star ratings from well over 1,300 reviewers on the iTunes store, making it one of the top sports app around. It’s got a huge amount of great features, but it’s fair to say it’s only useful if your team or sport are covered by the app.