Squawka app

Squawka app logoThe Squawka app is fast becoming one of our favourite apps with the more features they keep adding. If you like live football stats and player ratings then quite simply you need this app! Its available free to download on android and iPhone and there’s no monthly costs to use the app. You can find all the news, features and match commentary from the Squawka desktop site to keep up to date with all the latest football news on the move. Ready to get the app? Use the links below to download of read on for the full review.

Click here for Squawka on iPhone or Click here for Squawka on Android

Squawka app review

With its slick red design Squawka is a visual feast for all football fans. With football data galore and more stats than a co-commentator this is a must have app for football fans. The app has all the latest football data on the major leagues around the world. Add into that full match updates, score prediction games and a forum and you get the idea this is a quality app.

Pre match

Squawka pre match statsAccess through the fixtures list you can get all the information you need ahead of any game, a great help if you’re picking your bets. Stats you can find include goals scored/ conceded, duals won, pass completion, cards, possession and chances created. You get the match time and stadium too.

Below the stat you can predict the score of the game and see what the most popular picks are. You don’t get all the in depth team information like the desktop site but there’s enough to give you an idea of how the teams play and how prolific they are or how badly they defend!

In play

For us we found the in play aspect of the Squawka app is where it really stands out from the rest. Whilst most apps currently are all about the score updates and goal scorers, Squawka takes the stats to the next level. If you like to be able to check the stats during the game rather than wait for the tv to show them then this app will suit you perfectly.

Squawaka app in play commentaryEach game has its own “match centre” type view where you can find the stats, commentary and team ratings. The in match commentary is a typed coverage which informs you of shots on goal (on target/ off target), updated possession┬ástats and substitutions. The information is very quick to come in and usually you have the information within 30 seconds of it happening.

In the in play stats the Squawka app will show you shots on/ off target, blocked shots, corners, fouls, cards, pass completion %, tackle success % and overall possession %. Again we like this as a side app to your betting apps as it gives you more of a feel for what is happening in a game. You can get an idea of who is domination possession or who’s looking the most likely to score based on the shots on goal.

If you swipe the scree left to right you can then find the player ratings (as show below). You get a * rating for each of the players and an overall team performance rating. This also shows you the formation and they are usually very accurate to how the team has lined up.

Squawka match center


As you can probably tell by now we’re really impressed with the Squawka app and for a free football stats app its way above the rest. There are some improvements we’d like to see including the more technical stats you get on the desktop site such as the play heat maps. We have mentioned this to them and we’ve been told these are planned for future updates so that can only make the app even better than it already is.

For this review we used the Squawka iPhone app, the android version is identical.