Super 6 Predictions

Super 6 PredictionsWelcome to my Sky Sports Super 6 predictions – Now you might be asking yourself, what is the Sky Sports Super 6 and what do I have to do to get involved with it. For those of you that know what the Sky Sports Super 6 is, feel free to check out my Super 6 predictions for this week below. For those of you that do not, please continue to read and we will tell you all about the Super 6 and how you can get started playing it on your iOS, Android, Mobile or tablet device within minutes.

Super 6 £250,000 Jackpot

What is the Sky Super 6? The Super 6 is a mobile app provided by SkyBet that adds a little bit of spice to the weekend’s football bill, it enables football fans to place a the bet at the weekend without using any money whatsoever. Now, although no money changes hands on your part, if you were to guess the correct scores from the six selections provided to you, you would win a whopping £250,000 in cash, yes that’s real money. That is why so many people love to play the super 6’s on a weekly basis.

How To Start Playing The Soccer Saturday Sky Sports Super 6 – Because the Super 6 is a platform provided by SkyBet, we recommend that you register for the SkyBet account before downloading the Super 6 app onto your device. You can register your account via the link directly below.

>>Register Here With Sky Bet & Play Super 6’s Today<<

As we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t cost anything all to play, the only reason we need to set up the account is so we can create a user ID and the password for the Super 6 app, so that you can start playing ASAP.

For more information about the features of the Super 6 mobile app and how to get it please look below my Super 6 predictions.

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My Sky Sports Super 6 Predictions

I’m going to make my Super 6 Predictions based on the statistics from the last 5 games. That way you’re not judging teams over the course of a season, when you keep in mind, teams can lose important players for weeks or months at a time. So you could see how that would affect my predictions for that particular team, especially if that team has no other goal scorers.

We’re really looking forward to the 2016-17 season, last year was really exciting with Leicester City taking the Premiership by storm. Could it be at all possible that another underdog wins the league this year? Who knows but i’m sure it’s going to be an exciting campaign, anyway without further ado let’s get to our Super 6 Predictions.

Burnley FC Vs Southampton FC

Burnley FC (1) vs (2) Southampton FC

Hull City FC Vs AFC Bournemouth

Hull City FC (1) vs (2) AFC Bournemouth

Sunderland AFC Vs Stoke City FC

Sunderland AFC (1) vs (1) Stoke City FC

Swansea City AFC Vs Arsenal FC

Swansea City AFC (1) vs (3) Arsenal FC

Watford FC Vs Middlesbrough FC

Watford FC (2) vs (1) Middlesbrough FC

West Ham United FC Vs Crystal Palace FC

West Ham United FC (1) vs (2) Crystal Palace FC

>>Register Here With Sky Bet & Play Super 6’s Today<<

This Week’s Super 6 Results 7th January 2017.

You’ll be able to take a look at my results for Saturday 7th January once the round is complete. Find the results below.

Andrew Middleton's Super 6 Predictions 07/01/2017

This weeks points tally, as you can most probably tell was catastrophic. I didn’t even manage a single point, which is very poor. Although I have been beaten, judging by Phil Thompson’s score of 2 and looking at all the other pundits scores, the highest one being 5 points, I think it’s fair to say that the scores were almost impossible to predict. Let’s face it, if I don’t improve on 0 points, I think it would be a poor showing.

Can You Beat The Sky Sports Soccer Pundits?

Can you beat the Sky Sports pundits with your Super 6 predictions? When making your predictions using the Sky Sports Super 6 app, you get a chance to pick your wits against the Sky Sports football pundits. Do you have what it takes to beat them?

Each week I’m going to choose one of Sky’s football pundits results and compare them to mine. Why don’t you do the same.

The football pundits names are as follows:

  1. Jeff Stelling
  2. Jamie Redknapp
  3. Ed Chamberlin
  4. Dale Tempest
  5. Paul Merson
  6. Charlie Nicholas
  7. Phil Thompson
  8. And Matt Le Tissier

This week I’m going to take on Jamie Redknapp (Sky Sports Soccer Saturday Sports Broadcaster).

Waiting For The Pundits Predictions 2016-17

As soon as they become available you’ll be able to see Jamie Redknapp’s Super 6 predictions for this week displayed directly above. I’m excited to see how my predictions fair against an expert pundit.

Additional Features Of The Sky Sports Super 6 App

You have access to all of the SkyBet platforms – When you registered your details to use the Sky Sports Super 6 app, you created a user ID and password which can be used to access any of the Sky gambling platforms including: SkyBet, Sky Bingo, Sky Casino and Sky Vegas.

You can challenge the pundits – As we have mentioned before, you can pick your wits against the Soccer Saturday pundits. To find out what the pundits super 6 predictions are, when you log into the app simply select the menu tab in the top left-hand corner and click on the option pundits to view their predictions.

Check your points and overall league position – To check on your overall progress, points and overall league position etc, all you need to do is once again select the menu tab and select the option leaderboard. There are you will find all the details you need to see your progress.

Sky Sports Soccer Saturday Super 6 FAQ’s

Q1. Will it cost me anything to play?

A. Absolutely not, is completely free to play the Super 6.

Q2. How can I register my account?

A. You can register your account here. Select the join now button at the top, fill in your details and choose a user ID and the password to register. Once completed go to either the Google play store or the iTunes App Store and download the super 6 app directly from there.

Q3. I already have a SkyBet account, can I use that?

A. Of course, if you already have an account simply your ID and password from your SkyBet account.

Q4. If I win how much would I get?

A. If you guess all six selections correctly you will receive £250,000

Q5. Once I made my predictions can I change them?

A. Yes, all you need to do log back in and choose amend Super 6 predictions, when you are finished hit submit. As long as you submitted it before the first game has begun your selections will still stand.

Q6. How to find out my results?

A. Log into your account then locate the menu tab in the top left-hand corner and tap on it, then choose results. There you will be able to find all the results from past weeks.

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