Supertoto coupon

The Supertoto (super score) coupon is a football pools type game from Unibet. The idea behind the coupon is that you can bet small and win big, the entry level stake is just €1 and the prize is a guaranteed €35,000 most weeks. All you have to do is select the outcome of the 14 games that are on the coupon. If you’re new to Unibet you can get a €50 bonus when you sign up and start betting (your first bet is matched 100%).

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The Supertoto coupon can be found on the desktop site under the tabs at the top when you are in the “betting” tab. On the app you can find the coupon again under betting and under “football coupons”. It’s a really fun way to have a small bet, with the opportunity of winning big.

How the coupon looks

super toto Unibet coupon

How to play the supertoto coupon

Once you’ve got an account with some cash in it you’re ready to play, follow the instructions above to get to the coupon. Now you need to look at the games and pick which ones you think will win. There are a couple of coupons to pick from, the main one being the XL coupon which has a guaranteed price pot if you are the only person to correctly pick all 14 results. This prize pot currently stands at €35,000 and is on top of the main prize fund, which is displayed as “turnover” on the top left of the coupon.

You can actually pick more than one out come and this just increases your stake to cover the multiple line options. This is good if you’re unsure on a couple of matches allowing you to cover the win and the draw or alternatively you can cover all 3 out comes. The more you cover the more your stake goes up.

To win a share of the prize you’ll need to get at least 11 of the 14 results correctly selected, the more you get the bigger share of the prize pot you’ll get. On the right hand side of the desktop site you can see the distribution, this shows the amount of people who have selected a certain outcome so you can see what’s popular and what’s not.

The Supertoto coupon is available to view and bet on from first thing Monday until 4PM CET (3PM UK). There’s also other coupons to pick from including a mixed league smaller European coupon (currently with a €5,000 bonus) and some correct score trebles to go at. You can also find similar coupons for tennis too if you go into the tennis section.

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