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Timeform was founded in England, in 1948, as a publishing company to provide information to people interested in horse racing and more specifically, betting. As we entered the digital age, Timeform was purchased by Betfair in 2006 and offers a membership style website.

The information included on the Timeform website is there to assist people when betting on horse or greyhound racing. Following the development of the website, a Timeform horse racing app became available on iTunes and Android devices.

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Initially, you will need to register on the Timeform website, which can be done by clicking on the ‘Register’ link at the top of the site. Fill in your details and click on the link in the email they will send you, to confirm your registration.

Once registered, you can head to the mobile app section of the website, by clicking the link and download the app for free to your device. Once this is complete, you just need to power it up and sign in.


Timeform covers every race in the uk with the latest form and write ups on each raceBelow the top screen of the Timeform horse racing app, which usually displays a link to a Timeform paid product, you will find links to the day’s racing. The place where the meetings are taking place will be displayed and all you have to do is press on the one which is of interest.

If you would rather go straight to a race, the next three races which are about to start are listed by time just below the date and you can press a time and be taken straight to the information regarding the race.

If you press on the name of a meeting, such as Ayr, for example, all of the races which remain for that day, will appear on the screen. If you press on the race which is of interest to you, the runners and riders information will become available, along with some information regarding the form each.

At the top of the screen, there is also a hints section and verdict section, offering the Timeform analysis for the race.

All of the information is very clearly displayed in a blue/back/white colour combination and it’s possible to access a race within one push of the screen if it’s close to the starting time.

Race Passes

Get the latest racing tips on the appYou will also notice, on the homepage of the app, a green link to ‘Upgrade to Race Passes Now’. Timeform race passes, come at varying prices and provide a detailed analysis of every runner, in every race in Britain and Ireland.

If you are serious about your horse racing, then this might be a consideration for you. You can also try the free race pass of the day and check if the service is what you are looking for, before buying.

The passes allow you full access to the app as well as the premium racing tips. The Timeform team are experts in horse racing and this clearly shows with their in-depth coverage.


As Timeform is now owned by Betfair then betting with them is an option on the app. You need a Betfair account to log in from and you can use your balance on the Betfair app through Timeform – This is all done via an API which is secure.

As well as this you get access to other odds from major bookmakers as well as free bets on the app. You can compare the latest prices and offers to make sure you get the best odds on your selected horses. Most of the bookmakers allow you to login to your account through Timeform and place your bets.

Horse Tracker

This is my personal favourite feature of the app and allows you to track your chosen horses and get allerts when they are running. This is great when you spot a horse with some potential to see how it deelops or bet on it next time out. Sometime you may spot a horse that doesn’t win but looks like it could under different conditions. The app will flag you when it’s next running so you can have a bet on it or maybe just watch how it goes.

You can add notes to your horses too so the app becomes more like your old school notebook for horses.

Final Thoughts

The Timeform horse racing app is very easy on the eye and should be straightforward to use, even for first-time users. The day’s racing is available on the homepage of the app, meaning you are a maximum of two pushes away from accessing the race information you are looking for. Some of the content is hidden, however, as the Timeform horse racing app does have membership fees, so keep that in mind, if you plan on using it regularly.