UFC Fan app

UFC Fan AppLove UFC? If you do, then we think you’ll probably love this great UFC Fan app, which is tailor made for anyone who just can’t get enough of this incredible, and increasingly popular, sport that’s taking the world by storm. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) launched the UFC Fan app, powered by MetroPCS, back in 2013 and it’s been downloaded thousands of times since with consistently solid review.

UFC Fan app is available for Apple devices from the iTunes store and for Android devices from the Google Play store. To learn how to download the UFC Fan mobile app, continue to read this review and all will be revealed.

UFC Fan app review

UFC Fight StatsOK, so you cannot actually watch the bouts live from this app, but it brings you as close to action as you dare. You can practically taste the blood, sweat and tears from inside the octagon.

We really like this app, despite not knowing a lot about UFC and having to figure out what it all means. It’s great to look at and is slick, smooth and very easy to navigate.

It’s packed full of features too, so you’ll not get any chance of getting bored between bouts. There’re are lots of in fight statistics including; head-to-head, shots landed, accuracy, takedown average and plenty more to keep you engrossed in the UFC app.

Best of all, you can follow every single UFC event with Fight Rhythm, a live stats tool that lets you follow who is control of the fight at any given time during a bout.

One of the features we really liked was the ability to score the fight action live as it happens. This definitely gets you involved a lot more than normal – great interactive feature.

Another knockout feature is the UFC Fantasy Pick’em, where you can play fantasy games for prizes.

You can watch highlights from the previous fights, which is a nice, but expected, feature for this sort of sports app.

Of course you get all the breaking news, fighter rankings and stats, and watch the live streams of weigh-in and press conferences, if not the actual fights themselves. For anyone lucky enough to make it to a fight, you can listen to the cornermen while with the red and blue corner audio feature.

UFC Fan app features

We’ve listed some of the UFC Fan app features, but here’s a more comprehensive run-down of the best bits about this app.

UFC Fight Rhythm - In-Fight StatsFight Rhythm – a new live stats tool that lets you follow the action inside the octagon in real-time live a text feed. Not perfect, and not like watching on the TV, but it’s really good.

Red & Blue Corner In-Arena Audio – if you are attending a live event this feature gives you access to red and blue corner in-arena audio feeds as they watch the fight.

Digital Autograph – take a pic of a fighter – if you dare run into one of them – and you can receive an e-signature in-person on your phone or tablet. You can share these through social media, naturally, to the envy of your friends.

Exclusive Content – you can watch fight highlights during and after events, get breaking UFC news, view matchup features and watch live streams of official weigh-ins and press conferences.

Other exclusive content includes things like the MetroPCS Move of the Week, fight updates and schedule announcements and fighter profiles.

UFC Fantasy Pick’Em Games to Win Prizes – a real bonus for a content app, this lets you play UFC fantasy games from your mobile device for real prizes.

UFC App Download For Android & iOS

For those of you avid UFC fans out there, if you want to download the UFC Fan app, you can do it quickly using the links below.

Click here to download on Android or Click here to Download for iOS

Our Final Verdict

All-round great app for UFC fans, this does exactly what it says on the tin and a whole lot more. Available for download on Apple devices from the iTunes store and Android devices at the Google Play store, the UFC Fan app makes for endless hours of fun.