Gambling apps on Android?


Why are there no gambling apps on the Google play market?

The most common question we get asked is why are there no gambling apps in the Google play Android market. The reason is based on a decision by Google to not allow any gambling apps on their market, as they cannot restrict the age of people who have access to them. Obviously Apple does not see this as being a problem as they have all kinds of gambling apps from sports to slots to casinos. Apples stance is based around their user requirements for apps so if you’ve got a app that has betting then as long as it meets the location requirements its fine. Gambling apps fall under Google’s restrictions, which also includes porn or anything sexually explicit, Violence, bullying and illegal activities to name a few.
No matter how hard you search you will not find any official real money gambling apps on either the Play market or the Samsung app store. The restrictions cover sports betting, casino, poker, slots or even lotteries. But there are ways to get gambling apps on your mobile or tablet….. What you will find is a number of apps appearing to be William Hill with a slightly different name like “sports betting app”. These are “fake” apps and do not perform like the Apple apps, most of them just open a new window in your browser with the intention of getting you to sign up. We recommend you AVOID theses copied apps at all costs!

You can find our guide the the best android betting apps HERE!!

How to get gambling apps on androidHow to get Gambling apps on Android

Whilst there are no real money gambling apps in the Google play market it is possible to install the relevant “mobile apps” into your device. You can also side install some apps from third party sources such as Get Jar. Click here to see all the sports betting apps on Get Jar. Across this site we show you how to install the web apps on Android to give you the full screen betting experience you would expect. Our top rated Android apps are the Bet365 Android app and the William Hill Android app.

How does a web app compare to an app store app?

A web app is basically a mobile site designed to fill the whole screen of your mobile and also to allow it to be installed with an icon on your home screen. Almost all the bookies gambling web apps are identical to the ones in the Apple app store so you get the same experience as a customer regardless of the device. Using a web app that is not downloaded also means you don’t get any of the bugs or update issues that the app store or get jar apps have. This is why we recommend installing mobile apps across the site.

FAQs about why are there no gambling apps in the Google play market

Will there bet any gambling apps any time soon?No we do not expect Google to reverse this decision any time soon.

What is Get Jar?Get Jar is a portal where you can download apps from third party providers. You will need to change your mobile or tablets settings to allow third party apps, this will reduce the security of your mobile.