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Wimbledon Tennis app review

Wimbledon is one of the biggest sporting events of the calendar and when it comes to tennis, it really doesn’t get much more spectacular.

It’s the most prestigious Grand Slam in tennis and every year the whole of Britain, and indeed the world, become engrossed for two whole weeks.

So it makes complete sense there’s an app to really make the most of the Great British tradition. But what does it offer and how does it perform?

What Does The Wimbledon App Offer?

Every July the Wimbledon app sees a huge number of punters download the app in order to get all the latest tournament information, court times and news and features.

It’s a really fantastic app that offers a complete lowdown on all things Wimbledon. It’s easy to access all the app’s features through the top left-hand menu, where you’ll find news and interactive media, the latest scores, fixtures and order of play, and specific features around players.

The latter is a really brilliant feature, particularly if you’re placing a bet on a certain player. You can search and scroll through the world’s best players, uncovering their player profile with a whole range of stats.

Alongside world ranking, the player section will give you insight into the player including recent results and player interviews.

Official Wimbledon tennis app

During the tournament, the app really comes alive, with the Wimbledon Channel in the app providing commentary across multiple courts, and the Create Your Story section adding all manner of interactive elements.

My Wimbledon lets you customise the content, while the all-important weather forecast is easy to find. Social Hill delivers live ‘social insights’ from Wimbledon.

And once all the buzz of the fortnight is over, the Wimbledon app will keep fuelling your tennis passion. It not only covers the build-up, qualifying and the live tournament but will also keep updating all year round with Wimbledon and tennis news and videos.

For those visiting Wimbledon, you can also alter the app so it provides information on what you should pack in your bag, a map of the site and a whole checklist of things to do to really make the most of your day in SW19.

Why Use The Wimbledon App?

Naturally, many of us love to have a punt on Wimbledon and make the most of the many fantastic betting apps for iPhone and Android.The Championship Wimbledon App

However, combining your betting app alongside the Wimbledon app will seriously improve your chances of a win.

Regularly watching interviews and reading news via the app will give you the best possible know-how of how a player is feeling and whether they’re niggle and injury-free.

On top of that, while following a game live, you’ll be able to listen to live commentary as well as being able to view all the stats including aces in the game, first serve percentages and net and breakpoints.

This in-depth data is ideal for betting in-play as it can provide valuable insight into how a game might be played out, as well as being a good indicator for future games and which markets to bet on. For example, if a player has a habit of hitting aces, you might want to play the Over/Under aces market.

It will also help you identify weaknesses and put together a better head-to-head evaluation on matchups.

This is the perfect match for those who like betting on the earlier rounds of the tournament where you don’t get the same level of media coverage. This gives you all the information and stats on every game from the opening round onwards. We found the data to be a little faster than most betting apps and the stats are more in-depth than any app we have tested for tennis betting.

During the tournament, you can find full player profiles and records for every player who has qualified.

If you like trading on an exchange app, like Betfair, then the breaking news section is the place to check out. You can find out about any injuries first here and then possibly give them lay for the tournament or their next match if you are quicker than everyone else!

How To Download The Wimbledon App

The Wimbledon app is accessible to anyone with an iOS or Android device and is easy to download and requires no log-in to use.

To download the app, just follow these simple steps…

  1. Open up the App Store or Google Play
  2. Search Wimbledon
  3. Tap Get or Install and download to your device

Download the app for iOS or Download app for Android

Upon opening the app you will be asked whether you are visiting Wimbledon or not. This can also be changed at a later date in the Settings of the apps. This will give you all the information you need to plan out your day

What Is The Wimbledon App Compatible With?

The Wimbledon app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded to both smartphones and tablets.

To get the best experience it’s always worth downloaded the latest update of your operating system, particularly if you’re looking to stream the tennis. You can also stream the event via the BBC iPlayer app which has the main TV coverage and the same extra coverage as the red button.